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Spiritual Roots

Spiritual Roots

We often hear our faith compared to the growth of a plant. As a seed grows, its roots grow deeper into the soil while the plant pushes up through the ground—becoming larger as it feeds off of the nutrients provided by the roots.

As the analogy goes, our spiritual life depends upon our roots—if they have grown and spread out underground, we will be able to support a mature faith. However, shallow or corrupted roots cannot sustain a faith that must endure trials and suffering to be complete. Only a strong, unshakeable foundation in our doctrines and beliefs will keep us to the end.

The theme articles remind us that our beliefs come from God and are supported by the Bible. Though they may not be popular, what we believe in is true. When we study the Bible closely and reflect upon our experiences with the Holy Spirit, we are assured of our faith in the true church.