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 (Manna 49: After God's Heart)
After God's Heart
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After God’s Heart

The most intimate of relationships is marked by the union of two hearts. One party knows the other’s mind, empathizes with his feelings, and endeavors to meet his deepest desires.

Likewise, building an intimate relationship with God involves first learning about God’s heart—His will, His thoughts, His feelings, and His ways.  As we grow in our love and understanding of God, we learn to manifest more of His divine nature and claim His heart’s desires as our own.

The following theme articles offer us some insight on how we can be a person after God’s heart. In particular, we are called to consider more closely God’s sorrow and His jealousy for us, and how embracing these attributes as our own is beneficial to our spiritual growth.

As we continue to understand God’s heart, we also knit ourselves with the Lord until we are approved and acceptable to Him.

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Publisher: True Jesus Church