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Basic Beliefs.

There Is No God        
Jesus? Yeah, Whatever        
God Doesn't Care When I Suffer        
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My Eyes Have Seen God     By Elder Shun Dao Hsieh        
Elder Shun Dao Hsieh recounts his agnostic beginnings and how he later came to witness God’s magnificent acts. He also describes his struggles relating to life and faith, his determination to serve and how the Holy Spirit guided him in his forty-five years of service as a full-time minister of the True Jesus Church.
Saving Grace        
The Saving Grace book is a collection of members’ testimonies in English which have an evangelical theme. Examples include finding Christ and miracles of healing, among others.
Q and A on Biblical Doctrines     By Elder Tze-Yuen Kuo        
Q & A on Biblical Doctrines is the English adaptation of Elder Tze-Yuen Kuo’s book, Questions and Answers on the Truth, first published in Chinese in 1954. Focusing on eighteen topics, from the “One True God” to “The Second Coming of Jesus”, it offers biblical answers to key questions about the Christian faith.
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