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 (Manna 10)
Ten Articles of a Happy Marriage
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Husbands and wives are one of the most fundamental organization to society. God has a high regard to such a union. Furthermore, it is almost certain that a happy marriage will bring forth a blissful home. However, such a goal cannot be achieved overnight. It takes time for a married couple to establish a contented home. Listed below are ten articles which may contribute to a happy marriage.

1.      Acknowledge our life partner as a gift of God.

2.      Accept the other half totally as Christ has accepted us.

3.      Converse freely with each other. Express our feelings adequately.

4.      Be able to appreciate the virtues and tolerate the shortcomings of our spouse.

5.      Do not ask for the impossible.

6.      Always respect each other.

7.      Be faithful to each other and develop the kind of love that should exist between a husband and wife.

8.      Pursue common interest and share our life experience with our spouse.

9.      Express our love by way of thankfulness.

10.  Do not always consider our self-interests in decision making but be willing to discuss and accept each other’s opinion before undertaking any project.

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