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 (Manna 52: Spiritual Renewal)
How God Called Me to His True Church
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How God Called Me to His TrueChurch

Daniel AwuteyHahoe, Ghana, Africa

I was formerly a member of a church called the TwelveDisciplesChurch. My conversion to the True Jesus Church was an amazing event for which I will always be thankful.


One Saturday in 1991, January 19th to be precise, the pastor of the TwelveDisciplesChurch told me that he wanted me to be in charge of the church in West Africa, and that meant that I would need some supernatural powers. He asked me to sleep under a cross that night, and he would wake me up at 2 a.m. to send me to the DenseiRiver in the eastern part of Ghana to receive the “powers.”

I slept very soundly that night. At 9 a.m. the following morning, I was awakened by the ringing of a bell. It was the bell calling all the members of the church to gather.

Much to my surprise and bafflement, the pastor ordered the elders of the church to drive me out of the premises in five minutes.

When I asked for the reason, he explained that during the night, two angels appeared to him in a vision, tied him up, and flogged him. In fact, the garments he wore that morning had bloodstains on them. He said that the angels warned him not to touch me or have anything to do with me because God had prepared me to work as a minister in a certain true church in the town. At that time, I did not have the slightest inkling what this true church was about.


Later in the day, I visited my parents at their residence. It was a tense situation, as the pastor had created a high level of enmity between me and my parents. Nevertheless, I spent some time resting in their house. As I lay down in my parents’ house, I had a dream.

I was taken to a place beyond my ability to describe. There was a very big throne, and someone was sitting on it. I could only see his back. A rainbow was around his head. Then I heard a strange voice from the throne, which was like the sound of many waters. I could not comprehend that language.

Suddenly I saw a dove coming out of the throne towards me. It put three separate rainbows on my head, waist and feet. I then saw myself on a very high mountain. I saw a very old man there, the ruler of the mountain, who spoke to me. His voice was like the sound of many waters, like the first voice I heard.

He had a staff and a scroll in his hand. He removed my shirt and put on a new white garment on me. He also fastened my waist with a yellow belt, and he gave me his pair of shoes to wear on my feet. He then handed me the staff and scroll that were in his hand and he ordered me to eat the scroll. As my mouth touched the scroll, I began to understand the sound that came out of his mouth. The ruler of the mountain then told me I had to go back to my town to look for the TrueChurch.

As I turned to go, I saw a large billboard that had an inscription in French—“Veritable Jesus Eglise” (True Jesus Church) and “SamediSamediSamedi” (Saturday – Saturday – Saturday). The inscriptions were surrounded by shimmering stars. At that point, I woke up from the dream.


The next day I went out to look for the True Jesus Church and I actually found it. It looked exactly like the structure I had seen in my dream. Even the way the members behaved coincided with what I saw in the dream.

Four months later, I was baptized in the name of Jesus into the true church. During the baptism I saw that the water was full of blood. From the day of my baptism, my body started to heal itself from the effects of a serious accident I had many years earlier.

One day in 1978, I had been walking in the jungle with my father, who was a tree cutter. In Ghana they burn the trunk after the trees are cut down. While I was walking, I fell into a pit. Under the pit was a charcoal fire, which melted my feet and burned my lower body. I became unconscious and woke up three days later in the hospital.

The doctor said that they needed to cut off both of my legs because of the severe burns. But God touched the doctor’s heart to make an announcement for help. The President of Ghana visited me in the hospital, and offered to pay all the medical bills. I spent three years in the hospital and my health was poor, but my legs were not amputated. The doctors told me I would have to live with four problems: severe migraines, epilepsy, blindness, and the inability to have children.

I suffered with all these problems until I was baptized in TJC. Now, many years later my body has healed completely, even though I still bear scars from the severe burns. I thank God for healing me and blessing me with four children.

Two weeks after the baptism, I had a dream in which I saw a hand carrying the words “ETERNEL” (eternal) and I heard a voice asking me to read what I saw. When I tried, I felt my tongue fall into my stomach.

The voice then told me to repeat the word “Hallelujah.” As I did, I felt that my tongue rolled back into my mouth and I started praying like the other members. I woke up from the dream and began to pray. I realized I was filled with the Holy Spirit and was praying in tongues.

I have been so joyful ever since and I thank the Lord for revealing His true church to me. Now I’m a full time worker and enjoy every minute if it. I no longer live for myself but for the Lord who saved me and gives hope for eternal life.

Praise and thank God!

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Author: Daniel Awutey