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 (Manna 13)
Prayer: The Dynamic Force of Revival
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Prayer: The Dynamic Force of Revival

What the Church needs today is not human ingenuity but the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit does not work in proportion to human ability or organization. The Church consists of people called out by God. What the Church requires is people through whom the Holy Spirit can work, ie., the mighty men of prayer.

Prayers not only bring about the spiritual growth of a person, they account for the prosperity or downfall of a Church.

A preacher must be a man of prayer. He must have the likeness of God’s nature. Only through prayers can he obtain a God-like mind. Then only would he have the kind of zeal from on high to push his work through.

A preacher is not merely an author of sermons but an example for believers to follow, he need not be a man of great ability, a man of great learning, or a man with administrative skills, rather he must be pure in the sight of God. He should have faith, love, conscientiousness, and be able to endure hardships, to be greatly used by God. What he preaches he also puts into practice.

Through prayers a preacher will be strengthened with the wisdom from on high and become strong. In the Church, prayers must be emphasized.

So, let us examine ourselves and remind the whole congregation to see how much lacking we are. The driving force of divine work is nothing but prayer.

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