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 (Manna 38: Women in the Bible)
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BSP—Garden Grove, California, USA

Eve was God’s gift to Adam
For his loneliness reached the heart of the Lord.
He needed someone to assist him—
Someone to be his blessing and support.

She was created out of Adam,
Not from his head—to rule over him.
Nor from his feet;
To be trampled by his whim.

She was a refined and feminine being,
One made of a different tone and texture.
Hers was unlike the masculinity of man.
Rather, God made her soft, elegant and tender.

She was made from Adam’s rib—
His very flesh and bone.
To be close and protected by him;
To be loved as his very own.

O Eve, mother of all mankind,
You are the marvelous work of God.
You are Adam’s bone of bones and flesh of flesh,
Wondrous creation of the Lord!

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Publisher: True Jesus Church