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There Is No God

“There is no God.”

“Science has made religion obsolete.”

Science and religion explore reality from different perspectives. Science studies how things work, but religion seeks also their origin and meaning. While science allows us to learn about God’s creation, it can’t answer the questions, “Why is the universe here?”, “Why do we exist?”, and “What is our destiny?” These issues are beyond the scope of science, but are answered by religion.

“Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.” – Albert Einstein

“We came about by chance.”

If our mind were just an accidental result of chemical reactions, then it would be no more significant than a clod of dirt. Could we then rely on any of our observations, our thoughts, or our feelings? If we are nothing more than randomly moving molecules, then what is the value of life?

We use the word “chance” to describe an event when we can’t see an obvious pattern. But we shouldn’t rule out the possibility that someday we may discover a pattern. Applying the label “chance” to something certainly doesn’t deny a divine cause or purpose. Rather, it’s actually an indication that we can’t figure out everything by ourselves.

“Can God make a rock so big that he can’t lift it?”

Does this prove that an all-powerful God can’t possibly exist? It’s easy to brush off God with a logical puzzle, but then, with our limited knowledge, many concepts—not to mention the magnitude of God’s absolute power—don’t always make sense to us.

Try to imagine “infinity.” We use the symbol “” to represent the notion, which works pretty well in math equations. On paper, we can add two infinities together or show that one infinity is larger than another. But how much of this can we really grasp? It’s simply beyond our everyday sensibilities.

Likewise, God is beyond human logic. We should strive to find the answers to the deeper questions about God, such as, “Why did God create me?” or “What does God have to do with my life?” and not be so quick to reject him by making up a logical puzzle.

“Prove to me that God exists.”

Can you use a ruler to measure light? No. Not because the ruler is useless, but because it isn’t designed to do that.

Can you use a microscope to prove that “justice” exists? No. Not because the microscope is useless, but because it isn’t designed to do that.

Science teaches us much, but it is designed only to deal with the physical world. As creatures with limited senses using limited instruments, we cannot prove or disprove the existence of an infinite God. We believe in God not because we can scientifically verify his existence, but because he reveals himself to us.

“Why doesn't God show himself?”

If God merely appeared in the sky, that wouldn't do us much good; even if “seeing is believing,” we’d still have no reason to obey him.

But God does reveal himself in more meaningful ways. He reveals his greatness in nature, from the tiny atoms to the gigantic galaxies. He reveals his character in Jesus Christ, who lived and taught among human beings. He reveals his wisdom in the Bible, teaching us how to live a full life by relying on him. He reveals his love to us in prayer, comforting our sorrows and helping us through our troubles. He reveals his life-transforming power by having his Holy Spirit live in us.

God persuades powerfully, but he doesn't force you to believe. Ultimately, it is your choice. If you can give God the benefit of the doubt by following his teachings, you will experience for yourself that God is indeed real.


The question of God's existence is more than a philosophical debate. God's existence is fundamental to your daily actions, goals, and final destiny. While science opens your eyes to the world around you, faith in God opens your eyes to greater truth, purpose, and hope.

To believe in God isn't to accept him blindly, but to be determined to learn about him. Consider letting God into your life. Then you will discover what so many have already found: God really does exist.

Publisher: True Jesus Church