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 (Manna 41: The End Times)
The End Times
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The End Times


In her song In Times Like These, Ruth C. Jones reminds us that we truly need God in this time of trouble and unrest. We need to cling to the Solid Rock to keep ourselves from falling away from grace.


Many people will come to us and teach us the way to go; some will speak the truth, and others will lead us astray. What is our destination in these end times, and how will we prepare ourselves for the kingdom of heaven?


In this section, we learn that the Bible contains the best instruction to prepare for Jesus’ second coming. The book of Revelation reveals spiritual messages through the opening of the seven seals and spiritual blessings for those who walk according to Jesus’ instructions.


To rise above the challenges we face in times like these, we need to rely on the Spirit of truth to guide us to the very end.

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