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 (Manna 44: The Lord's Teachings)
The Lord’s Teachings
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The Lord’s Teachings


While our Lord Jesus Christ was preaching the

message of salvation in the three years of His

ministry, He also taught His disciples many

precious lessons about how to live a Christ-like

life in the world.

He taught them what it means to be good and

faithful servants, and to understand servitude

from the perspective of God. He used parables,

miracles, and signs to explain important truths

to those He loved, though many times they did

not understand.

Most importantly, He showed them what it

means to walk in the Lord by living out His

own life under the temptations and tests of the

flesh. Having overcome everything in this

world, He has also shown us that we can rely

on Him to be victorious in our own faith.


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Publisher: True Jesus Church