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 (Manna 47: The Body of Christ)
Body of Christ
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Body of Christ


When we think about the body of Jesus Christ, the first image that often comes to mind is the vision of the crucifixion—the body that was so brutally tortured and unconscionably nailed on the cross. And rightly so, for through His battered body and through His death, life was made possible to us.


What kind of life did our Lord Jesus give us? He gave us His life so that we might live. He is the life in our fellowship, in our gathering, and in our service to Him. He has made each of us a member of His precious body. He has entrusted us to build upon this body, and He has promised to sustain us with His life.


Therefore, it is vital that we strive to understand our role in His body, be actively responsible for the welfare of the body, and to bring glory to Christ Jesus, who is our head and the one we live for.

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Publisher: True Jesus Church