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 (Manna 50: Our Church)
Our Church
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Theme: Our Church

As we read the New Testament, we see marvelous portraits of the church. The body of Christ, bought with His own blood. The spiritual temple. The assembly of the elect. The fullness of Him who fills all in all. Christ’s beautiful bride.

From the historical narratives to the apocalyptic visions; from the doctrines of salvation to the pastoral directives, the church takes center stage in the divine plan of redemption.

Christ’s church is also our church. We who have been redeemed by Christ are each a member of this living body. We all have a share in the glory that God has in store for her, and we have all been given a role to serve. Together, we take part in the Lord’s great commission and in God’s grand scheme for His creation.

The theme articles in this issue invite us to look once again at our church, both from a practical standpoint on the dynamics of church growth and from a spiritual vista on the true church’s incomparable splendor. May these articles be a reminder of the immeasurable riches we have in Christ as well as a call to renew our commitment to our church.


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Publisher: True Jesus Church