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 (Manna 51: Family Focus)
Family Focus
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Family Focus

Most of us lead very busy lives today. The demands

of our careers often distract us from giving our

children as much time as we would ideally like to.

As far as their religious education is concerned, we

tend to assume that the teachers at church are

solely responsible or that religious classes and activities

are enough to see them through a complete

spiritual development.

In reality, however, the amount of time our children

spend in church and religious activities form merely

a meager fraction of their time. Parents who care

about the spiritual growth of their children need to

be aware that building a reverent atmosphere at

home is an indispensable component.

The theme articles in this issue highlight to us the

reasons why we must establish day-to-day religious

education for our children at home and what

benefits there are to having regular worship services

within the family. Suggestions for establishing good

home-based religious education are also provided.

May the tips shared inspire us to build up a strong

family-based spiritual altar.


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Publisher: True Jesus Church