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Present Him To The Frontline
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On a beautiful day in June, I was married to him in church with the blessings of our Lord Jesus.


After our marriage we both worked in a neighbouring organisation leading a happy life. We lived a simple and god-fearing life. We were contented with whatever we had and did not care much for vainglory.


However, two years after our marriage we still did not have any child. As such, I felt very sad, especially when I had a second premature delivery; my second baby was in the incubator for seven days and later he too died. I was overcome with sorrow and grief. Life is so mysterious and uncertain. No man can hold back his life for a moment longer. The life and death of man depends upon the Lord (1 Sam 2: 6). No medical expert could solve my problems. I grieved over the loss of our little baby and felt that the future was all but darkness and despair. Thanks to the wonderful grace of our Lord, we later met Elder Lin Wu-chen who related to us why he chose to serve the Lord and also about the shortage of full-time workers in the present church. Every word he said carried strength. Perhaps it was the will of the Lord that after the conversation with Elder Lin that my husband was determined to give up his occupation and to offer himself to the Lord. Women are of the weaker sex (1 Pet 3: 7). I often took this reason as an excuse for my weaknesses and thus became even weaker. I was then having two emotional conflicts — whether to let him go to serve the Lord or not to let him go. ‘If he goes, it would mean less chance of seeing each other. No, I cannot allow this to happen to me! Why should our present peaceful life be disturbed by this matter?’ “But if he doesn’t go it would be just like what he had said, that supposing it is the will of God, and if man still sets his mind on the flesh and does not submit himself to God, he would displease Him. If that be the case, it would be meaningless to live on’. Not only that, we fear that the spiritual grace may be withdrawn from us. Finally, I took up courage and sent him off in tears.


Women by nature are very dependent and it seems to be related to the fact that God had created Eve out of the rib of Adam. But rather unexpectedly, ever since he went into the TheologicalCollege, I was encouraged to have more daily bible reading and constant prayers. I even tried to follow the ways of Hannah in praying for a son. In my loneliness, I learned to draw nearer to God, because only He can fill up the emptiness in my heart and also in times of trials and tribulations, to build up my endurance and trust in Him.


After what seemed to be ages of waiting, he eventually completed his three-year Theological course. On the third day after his graduation, we were rewarded with a plump little baby girl. During those few moments my heart was filled with joy and happiness, just like receiving rain again after a long drought. The birth of the baby girl has brought much joy and laughter into our family and has made our life even more meaningful and complete. Now my little baby is learning to talk and by watching this cute and lovable baby, I could do no more than to thank God for this blessing.


Today, he is like a new soldier fighting in the battlefront. As a preacher, he has a great task to perform and besides acquiring spiritual gifts, he must set an example to the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity (1 Tim 4: 12). Moreover, he must be a good teacher, physician and friend to the believers. This is indeed a great responsibility and I could only but pray that the Holy Spirit may strengthen him so that he too, can fight the good fight of the faith (1 Tim 6: 12).


Now, if preachers are compared to brave soldiers fighting in the battlefront, their wives should be the strong supporters behind them. But I am ashamed to say that as the wife of a preacher I am spiritually young and weak. Because of this, I am often afraid and the only way out is to ask God to help me to be on my own so as to enable my husband to be free from other worries and to devote himself towards the divine service. It is said that wives of the more elderly preachers are good examples of diligent and economical house-keepers, serving their husbands and educating their children. This is a model example for us who are younger, to learn from. Whenever I give a thought to this matter, I often feel that it is not easy to be the wife of a preacher, and because of this I had to be more persistent in my prayers.


There are some who, at the thought of becoming the wives of preachers, would always try to brush aside the idea because preachers., are seldom at home. In actual fact, life is such that when there is an unwilling parting, there is always the hope of a happy reunion. For the past few years, we have been living under the grace of our Lord; we trusted each other and helped each other. And though, in the flesh we are seldom together, we are always of one body in the Lord. This will give rise to greater affection and deeper love for each other. Those who labour for the Lord will not labour in vain, for the Lord’s grace is ever so rich. A preacher may receive only a small sum of money for the maintenance of his family, yet he will never suffer from want of food or daily needs, for God will provide him and give him the peace of mind which no one can buy with money.


Today, the people of the world are heavily ladened in the course of pursuing wealth and status, but those who devote themselves solely to the Lord do not involve themselves in the pursuit of worldly things. They only carry the Lord’s yoke and bear the Lord’s burden which are easy and light (Mt 11:30).


I hope that the brothers who have the gifts of an evangelist, will immediately leave their work, their parents, wife and children and take up their own cross to follow the Lord Jesus. I also hope that our sisters-in-Christ who are already married will unselfishly encourage their husbands, when the Lord calls, to help in the evangelical work so that the gospel could be preached throughout the world, and to meet the Lord on His Second Advent! (Mt 24: 14) Amen.

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Publisher: True Jesus Church