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A Deaf and Mute Person Recounts God's Grace

I was born with a severe hearing problem.  My daily life was surrounded by silence.  Whenever people needed to communicate with me, they would have to shout, make gestures or write messages on a pad.  A series of diagnostic hearing tests revealed that my left ear was lacking 95 percent of its hearing ability, while my right ear was lacking 85 percent.  Although I tried using hearing aids to catch people’s conversation, to my disappointment, they didn’t help at all; I still couldn’t distinguish a word of what anyone was talking about!

Though I wasn’t born to a rich family, my father would take me to various doctors to search for a cure.  Once, for diagnostic purposes, my entire body was inserted with countless needles from head to toe.  I didn’t cry at all, and even the doctor was impressed by my calmness and courage. He encouraged my cooperation by giving me a “thumbs up” sign.  Unfortunately, the time and money spent did not seem to improve my hearing at all. Worse yet, it triggered another problem - speech difficulty.

The same year, when I was 5, I really wanted to play with my peers.  One day a child teased me by calling me “ Dumb”.  Naively,  I learned  to say “dumb” by copying his lip movements, without knowing what the word meant.  Afterwards, I ran to my father and practiced saying “dumb” repeatedly to him in excitement.  Hearing this, he was dismayed and very hurt.

Because of my physical disability, I encountered other difficult situations.  I remember sitting in the classroom and being unable to make out what the teacher was saying. I wrote on a piece of paper to my classmate for help, but passing this note to him disturbed my teacher.  She thought I was being mischievous and punished me, making me feel really embarrassed. 

Another serious incident occurred when my parents were not home; a group of gangsters vandalized our house.  They broke our front door with stones and also threw away my shoes while mocking me for being disabled. I felt so upset about the fact that I couldn’t hear and speak. Must physically handicapped people always be despised and harassed?

In the Spring of 1983, the Lord Jesus was mentioned to me the first time during a visit from my cousin.  She told me she was a Christian and that Jesus is the greatest physician.  At the time I didn’t believe in Jesus at all in my heart. 

One Sabbath Day my cousin called a cab and took us to her church.  Resistant to the unfamiliar church environment, I looked down all the time during the sermon and bible study.  At first, I  was neither convinced of Jesus’ love nor His existence.  During prayer, my cousin asked me to clasp my hands and kneel down to pray.  I didn’t know what to say in my prayer so I looked at others, and became shocked at the way they prayed.  Why was everyone shaking their bodies?  Right at that moment,  I felt a gentle breeze sweep by.  It terrified me because I thought it was the spirit of a ghost, and I felt like running away right then and there.  My cousin came to the rescue and said “ Don’t be nervous, Jesus loves you”.  During break, some church members came to chat with me.  I didn’t talk much because I didn’t understand what they were talking about, and I still had difficulty in speaking.  We had bible study that afternoon with the subject of “On the Way to Eternity”. When we returned  home, I felt at peace, and felt a warmth in my heart.  Several days later, my cousin said good-bye and left for her home.  Miraculously, I felt anxious to go back to church, and wanted to learn more about God. 

One Sabbath when I knelt down in front during prayer time, I saw a shining, bright light in front of me.  Seeing this, I felt so joyful and peaceful in heart.  Thanks to the Lord, He watched and cared for me all the time.  Without his guidance, I couldn’t have passed my high school education.

I was baptized on May 16, 1987 during the Spring Spiritual Convocation in Chung-LiChurch.  When the sister before me was being baptized, I saw the water around her turn into red blood. Witnessing the Lord’s blood, I felt extremely touched.  When I got up from the water after being baptized, a gust of air popped up from my ears.  A couple days later, I realized I could utter clearer words; I haven’t stuttered ever since.  Moreover, wearing a hearing aid, my hearing gradually improved.  Thanks to God, He is truly a powerful physician!

On October 7th 1990, I was filled with the Holy Spirit during a Fall Spiritual Convocation.  In my dream that same night, I saw a gigantic circle shining brightly with a cross in the center of the circle.  The Lord Jesus was standing by the cross; I recall His face was so kind and gentle.  I shouted out in excitement and awoke, moved to tears upon seeing His face in my dream.  God’s love is so great it is impossible to repay Him, and knowing that God is with me makes me so joyful!

I really thank my cousin introducing me to True Jesus Church.  With God’s blessing, I got married and now have children.  My husband is also a deaf and mute, and a believer of Jesus Christ.  With faith, we pray for His continuous mercy and blessings, and also testify of God’s grace while always listening to His words.


Author: Jean-Shiang Fan