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Become a New Man

Become a new man

Written by: Yu-Fen Li, Edinburgh Church, U.K.

Hallelujah, in the name of the Lord Jesus I bear testimony.

My name is Yu-Fang Li and I am from the Edinburgh church.  I would like to share with all of you about how my husband received the salvation grace of God.

15 years ago, under the guidance of a friend, my children and I believed in the Lord and received baptism. However, for a long period of time, my husband did not believe in the Lord.  I felt very sorrowful and regretful because of this. I feel that it is of utmost importance for the entire family to believe in the Lord.  During a particular church service, I heard the testimony of a sister about how she prayed for her husband daily.  Following this, I told my daughter, “Let us also pray hard for father.  Let us pray that one day he will believe in the Lord.”

Now, whenever my daughter hears that a preacher is coming to visit our church, she would invite the preacher to pay a visit to my husband at home, to explain the bible and bear testimonies.  During their first and second visit, my husband was a bit resistant. However, because the preachers continued ceaselessly to visit him for a long period of time, my husband gradually felt bad and was too embarrassed to reject them.  As for us, we continued to pray for him daily, to pray for the abidance of God.  Following this, he began to accept God, and welcomed the visits of the preachers.  This time, through his sickness, he experienced the grace and abidance of God.  Eventually he believed in the Lord, thus fulfilling my daughter’s wish of having the whole family in the Lord.

Approximately seven, eight years ago, my husband was already aware that he had contracted Hepatitis B, hence, he would go for medical check-up every half-yearly.  For a long period of time, his condition was quite good, and the ultrasound scan showed that everything was normal; nothing has changed.  It was not until a check up in the hospital in December 1999 were there signs that the liver disease has worsened, and that he might need a liver transplant.  However, he could still continue to keep his condition under control with medication.

After my husband underwent medical treatment, his condition improved significantly, and so he did not need to undergo a liver transplant for the time being.  He began to lead a life according to his desires, and neglected the warnings of the doctor, thinking that his body has returned to normal already.

In mid July 2000, when he returned to the hospital for follow-up checks, the doctor in charge told him, “Your liver has returned to normal, you no longer need to come to the hospital to see a specialist.”  When my daughter heard this, she felt unhappy on the contrary, for she was afraid that after my husband has recovered, he will return to his old life, and no longer want to accept the salvation grace.  However, in September, my husband began to feel unwell, his stomach became bloated, and he had difficulty urinating and passing motion; his liver disease has relapsed.  When he went to the hospital for checks, the doctor said that the function of his liver has deteriorated and he will need to remain in the hospital for five weeks.

During this period of time, many deacons and preachers visited him in the hospital daily, to pray for him and expound the teachings from the bible.  At that time, when the preacher laid hands on him and prayed, he felt that the grace of God has come upon him, and there was a great surge of power, bringing him great comfort and joy, and all his worries were gone.

Thank God that he began to understand the grace of God, and was receptive of the salvation grace.  He even agreed to go to church every Sabbath day to listen to the words of God after he was discharged.  During a Spiritual Meeting conducted at the GiffordPark church, my husband grabbed hold of the opportunity to receive baptism.  During that baptism, many deacons and brethren saw the glorious light of God.   After the baptism, my husband also felt much healthier and more energetic than before, as though he has put on a new body and has become a new man.

Subsequently, when he returned to the hospital for a follow-up check, the doctor told us, “A liver transplant is something that needs to be carried out sooner or later, however eventually, it will still be up to you to make the final decision.”  He also explained to us that prior to the operation, my husband will need to be under medication for a period of time to clear the liver disease within him before a transplant could be carried out.  Unfortunately, this medication was still unavailable in Scotland and in the whole UK; there were only two hospitals which offered this medication.  He told us that we can go to the BirminghamHospital to obtain the medicine, and to carry out blood tests. At the same time, he will make the necessary contacts for us and to provide the air tickets.

We arrived at the BirminghamHospital to carry out blood tests as planned.  Because this medication might not be suitable for some people, blood tests needed to be carried out to test the suitability.  Fortunately, after waiting for two weeks, the doctors informed us that the medication was suitable for my husband.  Hence, my husband began to go to and fro to the Birmingham hospital several times, continuing with the treatment and medication.  After two weeks, he returned to the hospital for another check.  The doctor in charge told him that my husband can now be in queue for the liver transplant operation, which has a success rate of 70%, but there is also a 30% risk of death.  In the event that after the operation, the liver is rejected by the body or the blood cannot flow, he will need to look for a new liver immediately. If one cannot be found within 24 hours, he will die.

After hearing this, I felt deeply troubled.  My husband on the contrary, took this news calmly.  He understood that if he did not have a liver transplant, his liver will deteriorate day by day, and it will not get any better.  However, if the liver transplant was successful, he will then be able to lead a normal life, and will no longer need to undergo the suffering of sicknesses.

After nine days on December 29, 2000, the pager suddenly sounded. It was the hospital paging, instructing my husband to get admitted into the hospital in the night and prepare for the operation.  As it was the year-end period, everyone was busy with work. However, there were several brethren who were willing to assist with interpretation and to take care of my children, which put my heart greatly at ease.

That night after work, my two daughters and I went to the hospital to pray together with my husband.  I asked him if he was afraid.  He said that there was nothing to be afraid of, and that he has entrusted everything to God.  The nurse also wished him good luck.  However, we all knew that this was not as simple as just good luck; we needed the guidance and blessing of God in order for the transplant to be a success.

On December 30th, which was a Saturday, I requested the brethren in church to pray for my husband, and I stayed in the hospital to accompany him.  The operation began at eight in the morning.  Before my husband received administration of the anesthetic, he kept asking me if I asked the children to come and see him.  I replied saying that I’ve asked them to come, but in fact I did not.  On the contrary, I asked my children to get on with their normal routine, to go to church for services.  I did not wish to give too much pressure because I think it is enough for me to bear this pressure and fear alone!

I accompanied my husband into the operating room; only after he has been given anesthetic did I come out.  I felt very worried and anxious. I prayed continually in my heart, to ask the Lord to bestow faith and strength.  At this point in time, I was the pillar of the family, therefore I cannot fall, and I must continue to be strong.  “Oh Lord! Please grant me the strength,” I told the Lord.

The operation lasted for 12 hours.  During this period of time, deacons and preachers came to the hospital for visits. However, the operation was still in progress.  Therefore, we prayed together and asked the Lord to take care of the operation.  At eight in the evening, the nurse brought me to the intensive care unit, where the doctor met me with a warm smile.  It was then that the stone in my heart was put down.  I saw my husband lying in bed asleep.  Although there were many tubes connected to his body, his complexion looked good; he looked just like a normal person.  I truly thank God for His guidance, leading us safely through a test, and allowing us to truly experience the abidance of the grace of God.

The next day, the doctor told me that my husband can be transferred to the normal ward already.  When I heard this I was truly surprised and happy.  Reason being that before the operation, the doctor had told me that after the operation, my husband will have to remain in the intensive care unit for around ten days.  However, the doctor now says that my husband’s condition was very good, and so he can be transferred to the normal ward.

Thank the guidance of the Lord.  My husband went home after three weeks stay in the hospital.  I would also like to thank the brethren for their care and prayers.  After my husband has been discharged, his health improved day by day, such that he was able to lead a life just like any other ordinary person.  There was a deacon who once said, the grace received by my husband was a true and living testimony, and that we cannot murmur saying that God’s grace is not present.  Therefore, I have decided to put this into writing, to share with everyone about the grace of God.  May all glory be given to our heavenly God above.  Amen!






Author: Yu-Fen Li