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Heavy Burdens Lifted Away

Heavy Burdens Lifted Away


Li-Zhu Chang

I’m a woman who was born into an agricultural society. Shortly after I married my husband, he was possessed by the devil. Ever since then, there was no longer peace in the house. He often hit people for no reason, or would run away so we couldn’t find him. Oftentimes he would tell us the paranormal things that he saw to scare us. Everyday I was troubled by him., and was anxious because I had no peace of mind. Moreover, because of my many chores and farm work, I was unable to take care of him because it  was very tiring both physically and mentally.

My mother-in-law often sought help from idols and physicians. They provided temporary peace, but the amount of money and energy that we spent on them was overbearing. While we were heartbroken and at our rope's end, my sister-in-law returned home. Upon hearing about her brother's condition, she testified to us her experience of finding the true God. She was pressed on all sides when her business failed. Fortunately, her relative was there to guide her through those sad days of her life. She also told us that money was not required to seek after this true God. As long as we had faith to rely on Him wholeheartedly, we would receive peace and grace. His gospel is to save all who believe in Him. My mother-in-law was very worried about her son's illness, so she sought after the truth first. Because I was busy and my husband was unable to function normally, I didn’t go to church.

My sister-in-law often brought church brothers, sisters, and deacons to visit us and to pray for us.  They testified about God's power and authority hoping that we can rely on Him to receive healing. Everyone also interceded for us pleading for God's mercy. Gradually, my irritable husband calmed down and was able to sit. Later, I removed all deterrents and frequently brought my husband to attend church services by bus. By then, my mother-in-law had been truth seeking for about two years. Even though my husband was still unable to sit still, and would hit people irrationally, through the strength given by God I was able to pray for God's mercy and healing again and again.

Not long after, the church held an evangelical convocation. A deacon hoped that we would sign up for baptism for the remission of our sins to remain under God's care. On the day of baptism, my husband's illness recurred, and he swam toward the middle of the ocean. Everyone was astonished by his move, but they couldn't bring him back to the shore. Therefore, the pastors prayed in one accord to cast out Satan in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Shortly after, he swam back. Then the pastor baptized him. I knew that baptism has the effect of washing away sins, therefore I wholeheartedly fixed my eyes on God for salvation. After baptism, even though my husband was not completely healed, and his illness would return occasionally, he was able take care of himself.

Through our constant reliance on God, he gradually recovered from his illness, and thus removed the heavy burden that was on my shoulders. Now, both of us are 80 years old. Due to God's care, our bodies are still strong. We often bike from Mito town to GonzsanChurch. Even though the journey takes about 40 minutes, we haven't ceased from taking the journey. Thank God! Prophet Isaiah said: "He Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses" (Matthew ). May all the glory be unto the true God, our Lord Jesus. Amen!



Author: Li-Zhu Chang