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I Witnessed the Lord's Blood

I Witnessed the Lord’s Blood

I've been a long-time follower of Confucius and Buddha since my childhood. I once considered every god of every religion to be a kind of "genie in a lamp" who answers people's wishes and addresses their physical needs. But after suffering many trials in my life, and as I grew old, my perspective on life took a different turn—to the pursuit of truth. I began to ponder the end of life. Where did life come from? Where do you go after death? What is the purpose of life?

Searching for a Church

In 1989 I began to study the truth in the True Jesus Church. I had visited churches near my home of almost every Christian denomination. I even remained at one church for a few years, but because I had witnessed how the members there fought with one another over power struggles, I decided to leave and look elsewhere for a better church.

I had long heard of the True Jesus Church and also from other pastors who claimed that when the True Jesus Church conducts baptism, the baptist would release red ink into the water to turn it red. Upon reflection, it seemed less and less believable. How could a little red ink possibly turn all the flowing water of the baptism site crimson red?

The Truth Revealed

April 9th, 1989 was a day in my life that I'll never forget. That afternoon, the True Jesus Church in Ma-Dou prepared to baptize 14 truth seekers at the conclusion of an evangelistic event. The baptism would be held in the ocean, from a beach nearby. Because I had heard about the trick of using red ink, I tagged along out of curiosity to watch the baptism. When everyone had finished singing hymns, I left the group and went further up shore. I found a nice open spot where I could closely observe their every move.

After those who were to receive baptism changed into white robes, they began to walk into the sea one by one. The baptist, Pastor Chen, was holding a brand new white towel without any sign of red ink in his hands. As the first sister began to be baptized, the seawater around her suddenly changed into a deep shade of red. Were my eyes playing tricks on me? The rest of the ocean appeared a deep turquoise blue against the vast blue sky. How strange--how was it that only the waters surrounding the baptized remained crimson red?

I rubbed my eyes and watched intently as the second, third, and succeeding persons were baptized. Remarkably, this vision continued just the same. Even funnier still, when an infant was immersed in the sea, the color turned into a lighter shade of red. It then immediately changed back to deep red when it was the adults' turn. After the fourteenth person was baptized, the crimson color disappeared and the water was restored to its former turquoise blue.

At that moment it dawned on me that the Lord Jesus had opened my eyes and allowed me to witness how His precious blood cleanses away all our sins in order for us to inherit God's kingdom. Then I lifted up my head and cried out to God, "Oh, Lord, forgive me! I now know You love the people of the world deeply. For our sake, You were crucified and bled to wash the world's sins away. Those who believe and are baptized will be saved." On the way home I couldn't help but shed many tears of thanksgiving. On the thirtieth day of the same month, I received the baptism of regeneration in Tainan, Taiwan.

Since then, I've come to realize that the key to the grace of the Lord is whether one believes. It is my sincere hope that through this personal experience of mine, everyone will come to know that the True Jesus Church indeed has God's abidance. May all the glory be given to the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven. Amen.

Author: Wen-Yu Chang