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Strength in Reliance

Strength in Reliance

            And He said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.’ For when I am weak, then I am strong. (2 Cor 12:9-10)

More often than not, we go through our daily lives without even thinking about God. Far too easily and frequently, we slip into relying on our own judgment instead of bringing things before God. We instinctively turn to our own judgment instead of God’s wisdom when crises arise or when decision-making is called for.

Relying on God. To some, being unable to do things yourself is a sign of weakness, while being able to make your own decisions makes you a strong person. However, being able to place our burdens fully in the Lord’s hands is not necessarily the easy way out. It requires much faith, courage and perseverance. So who is truly stronger – the one who is able to fully rely on God, or the one who continues to rely on himself? Doing what we can to the best of our ability is one of the few things everyone can do, but realizing our limitations and submitting our burdens to God a step into a higher ground of faith and courage.

Achieving complete reliance on God is difficult. But when we reach this reliance, it becomes our greatest strength. We are able to spend those last few minutes before the exam in a silent prayer instead of last minute studying, can focus on future interviews instead of burdening our minds about past ones, are able to part with our loved ones with a smile instead of tears.

As we are constantly faced with difficult choices, there is one thing we must keep in mind: we are only human. Relying on our own strength, we produce second-rate results at best. By relying on God, we will truly live a life of peace, free from unnecessary worries, and know that it is His path that we walk.  He truly takes care of all the little things we place squarely in His capable hands.


            Question for Reflection:

            In what ways and in which areas of our lives can we train ourselves to rely on God, and not on ourselves?

Author: Alethea Chan