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Why is your church called the "True" Jesus Church? Are you telling me that all other churches are false?

  1. The word “True” refers to the true God, for God is true (Jer 10:10; Rom 3:4; Isa 65:16; Jn 17:3; 7:28; 1Jn 5:20), and it shows that the church belongs to the true God.
  2. Jesus has made known the true God (Jn 1:18 KJV), and is the true God himself (1Jn 5:20). Jesus said, “I am the true vine” (Jn 15:1), and “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (Jn 14:6). The Bible also refers to the Lord Jesus as “the true light” (Jn 1:9), and as “holy and true” (Rev 6:10). So it is proper that Jesus be called “True Jesus.”
  3. Because believers are branches of the true vine and they constitute the church—the body of Christ—the church is also the “True Church”. If the church belongs to the “True God” and the “True Jesus,” it is the “True Church.”
  4. The True Jesus Church does not only bear the name of the true church. The Holy Spirit abides with the church to testify that this church preaches the truth and that it is indeed the true Church (Heb 2:3-4; Eph 1:13-14; 2:22).
  5. We have no intention of condemning anyone; but that does not make the church any less true. The True Jesus Church preaches the complete gospel of salvation, has the presence of the Holy Spirit, and is accompanied by signs and miracles; it is the true church not just in name but also in substance.

Publisher: True Jesus Church