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24: Teachings on God’s Kingdom (1) (Lk 17:11-18:8)
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24: Teachings on God’s Kingdom (1) (Lk 17:11-18:8)

I.       The Basics

A.     Setting

This segment begins with Luke’s mention of Jesus’ journey. As in 9:51, Luke makes the Lord’s final destination and purpose clear to the reader: “Now it happened as He went to Jerusalem…” (11). After healing ten lepers, the Lord responded to the Pharisees’ question about when the kingdom of God would come. His response then led to a series of teachings on God’s kingdom. Throughout this and the following lessons, we sense the imminence of the coming of God’s kingdom in view of the mission Jesus was about to fulfill in Jerusalem.

B.     Key Verse

            “nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you” (17:21).

C.     Did You Know…?

1.      “Show yourselves to the priests” (17:14): The law required a person to show himself to the priest after a cure (Lev 13:2-3; 14:2-32).

II.    Observation

A.     Outline




B.     Key Words/Phrases

III. Segment Analysis

A.     17:11-19

1. At what point were the lepers cleansed? What does this teach us about the effect of God’s command?

2. Why did Jesus comment on the fact that the one who returned was a foreigner (18)?

3. What makes a person thankful? What does his thankfulness say about his relationship with God?

4. In your life, how do you express your thanks to God?

B.     17:20-37

5. What did the Lord Jesus mean by “the kingdom of God is within you”? How is this reality different from the Pharisee’s view of God’s kingdom?

6. Explain the phrase “one of the days of the Son of Man” (22). Why will the disciples not see this day?

7. Based on the following verses, explain what the day of the Son of Man will be like:

7a. 24

7b. 26-30

7c. 31

7d. 34-35

8a. According to 32-33, how should we prepare for that day?

8b. How does Lot’s wife serve as a warning for us?

9. How does Jesus’ response in 37 answer the disciples question, “Where, Lord?”?

C.     18:1-8

10. What is the purpose of this parable?

11. Why does the Lord use an unjust judge in the parable?

12. What do verses 7-8 teach about God’s faithfulness versus men’s lack of faith?

13. How does this passage encourage you when it seems as if God does not seem to care about your sufferings?

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