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28: Teachings on the End Time (Lk 21:1-38)
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28: Teachings on the End Time (Lk 21:1-38)

I.       The Basics

A.     Setting

This chapter contains Jesus’ last recorded discourse in Luke. It is also known as the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24 and Mark 13, although in Luke it does not mention the Mount of Olives as the setting. The Lord had been teaching in the temple, and He met with confrontations from the religious leaders. Prompted by the comments of some on the lavish materials of the temple, the Lord spoke about the future events leading up to His return. In His solemn predictions on the coming calamities, He prepared His followers through instructions and encouraged them through exhortations.

B.     Key Verse

            “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away” (21:33).

            “Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man” (21:36).

C.     Did You Know…?

1.      Two mites (21:2): A mite was worth a small fraction of a day’s wage.

2.      How it was adorned (21:5): [The temple’s] sanctuary and surrounding structure were huge, solid, and glistening, a symbol of Jewish religion and Herodian splendor.

3.      Delivering you up to the synagogues (21:12): Synagogues were used not only for worship and school, but also for community administration and confinement while awaiting trial.

II.    Observation

A.     Outline











B.     Key Words/Phrases

III. General Analysis

1.      What two major events does Jesus’ prediction point to?

IV.  Segment Analysis

A.     21:1-4

1. What do you think motivated the widow to offer all that she had?

2. Based on this narrative, what kind of offering does God value the most?

3. Compare your offering to God with that of the widow.

B.     21:5-6

4a. How did the people feel about the temple?

4b. What impact do you think Jesus’ words must have had on His listeners?

C.     21:7-9

5. What do verses 8-9 teach about the coming of the end time?

D.     21:10-19

6a. Based on this passage, how should we face persecution?

6b. What assurance did the Lord give the disciples concerning the coming persecution?

E.     21:20-24

7. Why would Jerusalem become desolate? (cf. 13:34-35; 19:41-44)

8. Explain the fate of Jerusalem according to 24.

F.      21:25-28

9. How will the Son of Man come? Why is this significant?

10a. How are we to react to the terrible times before the Lord’s return, and why?

10b. How is such attitude different from the reaction of the unbelievers? (cf. Rev 6:12-17)

G.    21:29-33

11. What purpose does the parable of the fig tree serve?

12. What personal lesson can you gather from the words in 33?

H.    21:34-36

13a. What does it mean for our hearts to be “weighed down”?

13b. Give some examples of things that can weigh our hearts down.

13c. What will be the consequence for those whose hearts are weighed down? Why?

14. How are you leading a watchful life today? What things do you have to give up so that your heart is not weighed down?

I.       21:37-38

15a. What is remarkable about Jesus’ listeners?

       15a. They came to the Lord Jesus early in the morning to hear Him (38).

15b. What can we learn from them?

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