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Lesson 13
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Lesson 13

I.       Observation

A.     Outline

Calming the Storm (8:22-25)

Healing A Demon-Possessed Man (26-39)

Healing A Woman with Flow of Blood, Raising Jairus’ Daughter (40-56)

B.     Key Words/Phrases

Rebuked the wind, faith, afraid, marveled, “Who can this be?” commands/obey, Son of the Most High God, fell down/begged, seized with great fear, “tell what great things God has done for you,” touched, immediately, “power going out from Me,” “Do not be afraid; only believe.”

II.    General Analysis

1. Nature, demons, illness, death.

III. Segment Analysis

1.  1.He is the Creator and Lord of heaven and earth (25b). 2. The disciples must learn to trust Him through faith even in adverse situations (25a).

5b. They were seized with fear (35,37). Like Simon Peter, who asked the Lord to depart from him (cf. 5:8), the multitude were greatly afraid upon witnessing Christ’s supernatural power. However, unlike Simon or the disciples (8:22-25), their fear did not lead them to know Christ. Instead of rejoicing at the healing of the demon-possessed man and coming to believe Jesus, they kept Him away, fearing that Jesus’ unusual power may result in further damage.

6. Witnessing for the Lord does not have to involve eloquent preaching. We can simply tell others about our personal experience of God’s grace and power.

7a. Faith made the difference (48).

8. Jesus made the woman identify herself so that the woman may declare God’s power to the multitude for the glory of God (47). Another possible reason is that Jesus wanted her to come forward to meet Him and know Him face to face, and thereby receive His blessings (48). Jesus is not only an impersonal source of great power. Anyone who has experienced His power should furthermore come to a personal knowledge of the Savior and declare His grace to others for God’s glory.

9a. 1. The delay as a result of healing and speaking to the woman (43-48). 2. The report that his daughter had died (49). 3. The ridicule of the people at Jesus’ promise (53).

9b. See verses 50 and 52.


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