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Lesson 18
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Lesson 18

I.       Observation

A.     Outline

Facing Hypocrisy and Persecutions (12:1-12)

Warning against Hypocrisy (1-3)

Do Not Fear (4-7)

Confessing Christ (8-12)

True Riches (12:13-21)

Do Not Worry (12:22-34)

B.     Key Words/Phrases

Beware, leaven, hypocrisy, do not be afraid, more value, confess/deny, blasphemes against the Holy Spirit, covetousness, rich toward God, do not worry, life/body, food/clothing, anxious, seek, kingdom of God, treasure, heart.

II.    Segment Analysis

2. Its influence spreads (e.g. Gal 2:11-13).

3. 1. So as to not be influenced by the Pharisees. 2. To be ready to face the persecutions from the hypocrites.

4a. 1. The secret sins of hypocrites will be disclosed. 2. The message of of the kingdom will be made known (cf. Mt 10:26-27; Lk 8:17). Since no persecution can conceal the gospel, the disciples should proclaim it fearlessly.

5a. While men may threaten to harm us physically, only God has power over our eternal destiny.

7. 1. God will never forget us, since He even watches over the sparrows and numbers the hairs of our head. 2. We know that Christ will acknowledge us if we remain faithful to Him. 3. The Holy Spirit will be with us and speak for us at the time of persecution.

9a. Speaking evil of the work of the Holy Spirit. An example of this was attributing the miracle of Christ to the power of Beelzebub.

9b. If anyone slanders Jesus based on Jesus’ words, he may still repent later, accept Christ, and receive forgiveness. But if he remains callous and chooses to slander Him even though he has seen the power of God’s Spirit through the works of Jesus, then there is no forgiveness (cf. Heb 10:26).

10. Seeking after abundance of possessions.

12. His heart was only on his possessions and enjoyment, neglecting his spiritual needs and his lduty to serve God. His life was self-centered rather than God centered (21). Not only so, he was complacent about his life because of his great wealth. He thought that he had many years ahead of him to enjoy himself, not realizing that his life was to end that very night.

14. Rather than being concerned about food and clothing, we should be concerned with what we are doing with our lives and our bodies. Our lives do not consist of external things such as food and clothing (cf. 15). But what we do with our lives and bodies will determine the value of our existence. Therefore we must dedicate our lives and bodies to carry out the Lord’s will. Doing so will make our lives truly meaningful.

15b. Faith in God.

17. As part of a “little flock,” we may appear vulnerable and helpless. But we are heirs of the Father’s kingdom. Our glorious future and God’s loving providence assure us that we have nothing to fear.

18. To seek God’s kingdom is to give God first place in our hearts by eagerly learning and carrying out His will. Rather than storing up things for ourselves, we ought to obey God’s command to love by giving generously to the needy.


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