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Lesson 28
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Lesson 28

I.       Observation

A.     Outline

The Widow’s Two Mites (21:1-4)

The Signs of the End Time (21:5-38)

Prediction of desolation (5-6)

Be aware of deception (7-9)

Calamities and persecution (10-19)

Destruction of Jerusalem (20-24)

Coming of the Son of Man (25-28)

Parable of the fig tree (29-33)

Necessity of watchfulness (34-36)

Teaching in the Temple (21:37-38)

B.     Key Words/Phrases

All the livelihood, when, sign, take heed, the end, persecute, for My names’ sake, occasion for testimony, patience, days of vengeance, great distress, trampled, perplexity, failing, shaken, Son of Man coming, “your redemption draws near,” fig tree, kingdom of God is near, “My words will by no means pass away,” weighed down, unexpectedly, watch, pray always.

II.    General Analysis

1. The desolation of Jerusalem and the coming of the Son of Man.

III. Segment Analysis

2. God does not just look at the amount we give, but more importantly, how willing we are to surrender to Him that which is most valuable to us. How much we are willing to give God our best is an indication of what place He has in our hearts.

4a. They took pride in the splendor of the temple, the symbol of their religion.

5. The end would not come immediately, despite the claims of deceivers or wars and commotions.

6a. 1. Understand that we are suffering for Christ’s sake and that it affords an opportunity to testify for Him (12-13). 2. Trust that the Lord will give us the right words for His defense (14-15). 3. Endure to the end, even unto death, in order to gain life (16, 19).

6b. The Lord will give them words of wisdom during trial (15). He will also watch over them (18).

8. The people will be killed and they will be scattered in all nations until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. The times of the Gentiles probably refers to the period when Gentiles will trample Jerusalem (cf. Dan 8:13-14; 12:11).

9. The depiction of Christ’s coming in a cloud with power and great glory alludes to His return as the glorified King (cf. Dan 7:13-14; Mt 16:27-28; Lk 9:26).

10a. We should rejoice knowing that the day of salvation is near. The day when the Lord comes will be the day redemption will be fully realized and when we will receive the promised resurrection (Rom 8:22-23; 1Thess 4:16-17).

11. Just as the budding of the fig tree is a sign that summer is near, the events predicted by the Lord tells us that the kingdom of God is near. The kingdom of God here refers to the new heaven and new earth where God reigns forever (cf. 2Pet 3:10-12).

13a. It means letting our hearts be preoccupied with the pleasures and worries of this life (cf. 8:14).

13c. Indulgence in pleasure and the anxieties of life distract us from our Christian duties and impede our spiritual growth. If we do not focus our hearts on the things of God, we will not be ready for our Master’s return, but will be caught by surprise and be rejected as wicked servants (34; cf. 12:42-46).

15a. They came to the Lord Jesus early in the morning to hear Him (38).


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