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Denunciation of the False Gospel
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2: Denunciation of the False Gospel (Gal 1:1-10)

I.       The Basics


No other epistle begins with such force. After a short salutation, Paul immediately confronts the problem facing the Galatians and denounces preachers of the false gospel.

II.    Key Verse

“But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed” (1:8)

III. Did You Know…?

1.     Galatia (1:2): “The term occurs three times in the NT. In 2Ti 4:10 the reference is uncertain. In 1Pe 1:1 it refers to the northern area of Asia Minor occupied by the Gauls. Here Paul probably uses the term to refer to the Roman province of Galatia and an additional area to the south, through which he traveled on his first missionary journey (Ac 13:14-14:23).” 4/1781

IV.  Observation

V.     Outline



VI.  Key Words/Phrases

VII. Segment Analysis


1.      Paul was not among the original twelve apostles. Why does he call himself an apostle?

2.      Why does Paul stress the divine origin of his apostolic call?

3.      How is the opening of this letter different from the salutations in Paul’s other epistles? Why?

4.      What fundamental Christian doctrine is found in verse 4?

5.      What does it mean that the Lord Jesus Christ delivers us from the present evil age?

VIII.            1:6-10

6.      What clues do you see in this paragraph that convey the great urgency in Paul?

7.      Account for this urgency.

8.      What is the “different gospel” that had misled the Galatians?

9.      How does this other gospel pervert the true gospel?

10.  What does Paul call the preachers of the false gospel (7; cf. 5:10, 12)? Why?

11.  Why should preachers of other gospels be accursed?

12.  In verse 8, Paul does not exclude himself from his own curse were he to preach a different gospel (“even if we…”). What does this tell us about the nature of the true gospel?

13.  Have you ever encountered a “different gospel”? What was the message of this gospel?

14.  How do you know which gospel is the true gospel?

15.  How does Paul’s insistence on the one true gospel also confirm the teaching that there is only one true church?

16.  Paul reminds us of an important attitude in verse 10. What is this attitude and why is this attitude necessary for the bondservants of Christ?

17.  In what ways do you sometimes please men rather than God?

18.  How do you resolve the apparent contradiction between this verse and Rom 15:2 as well as 1Cor 10:33? In what situations should we please men? In what situations should we not please men?


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