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The Daily Walk of Believers I
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14: The Daily Walk of Believers (1) (Eph 5:1-21)

I.       The Basics

A.     Setting

Here, Paul asks that believers focus on God when living the new life. He contrasts the works of darkness with the works of light and urges the believers to live up to their status as children of light.

B.     Key Verse

“Walk as children of light.” (5:8)

II.    Observation

A.     Outline




Key Words/Phrases

B.     General Analysis

List all the contrasts in this passage.

III. Segment Analysis

A.     5:1-2

1.      Suppose you want to imitate someone, what do you need to do? What steps should you take to be an imitator of God?

2.      The teaching of Christ is often role-modeled by Himself. When we seek to imitate Christ, we grow in the way best for human beings. Recall some occasions when Jesus set an example for us to follow.

3.      In another instance in the Bible, we are exhorted to take someone as a role model. Recall these verses and discuss their implications.

4.      What does verse 2 teach us about the meaning of loving others?

B.     5:3-14

5.      As often occurs, the grace of God was misinterpreted by some in Ephesus as tolerance of sin in the church. Paul warns against being ‘deceived … with empty words’ (6). List the boundaries of behavior that a child of light should not transgress.

6.      What is the consequence of the sinful deeds listed in verse 3?

7.      The command in verses 3 and 4 concern our speech. Give some examples of the kinds of speech that are improper for Christians.

8.      Give examples of how a believer may be “deceived with empty words.” In other words, in what ways can our mind be influenced?

9.      What follows in verses 7 to 14 may sound contradictory at first. For example, Paul exhorts that the believers expose the unfruitful works of darkness but then says that it is shameful to even speak of the things done in secret. To begin to understand this passage, list what is required of the children of light.

10.  Now read verse 13 and 14. What is the purpose of exposing the unfruitful works of darkness?

C.     5:15-21

11.  How should we walk as children of light?

12.  Paul uses the word ‘but’ frequently in this passage. For example: not as fools but as wise. Why does he do so?

13.  Why is it important for Christians not to waste time but manage it well?

14.  Why is being drunk with wine placed in contrast with being filled with the Spirit?

15.  What can we learn from verses 19 and 20 about the heart of a Christian?


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