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The Preeminence of Christ
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27: The Preeminence of Christ (Col 1:15-2:3)

The Basics


Paul’s prayer in the previous passage ended with reference to the saving works of God through Jesus Christ. In this passage, He emphasizes Christ’s preeminence over all things and God’s work of reconciliation through Christ. He also tells the Colossians that it is because of this great mystery that he became a minister of the gospel and labored for the believers.

Key Verse

“…to fulfill the word of God, the mystery which has been hidden from ages and from generations, but now has been revealed to His saints… which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. (1:25-27).

Did You Know…?

1.     Laodicea (2:1) was a city on the banks of the LycusRiver, situated about 11 miles from Colosse.





Key Words/Phrases

Segment Analysis


1.    As a preliminary, read the following passages and form a concept about the Godhead: Deut 6:4; Isa 9:6; Jn 1:1,14; 3:13; 8:58 with Ex 3:14; Jn 10:30; 14:17,18,23; Mt 28:19 with Acts 2:38.

2.     To refute the heresy that Jesus was less than God, the preeminence of Christ is stated in 1:15-20 with the use of words and phrases which imply superlative or first. List all that you can find.

3.     Now these statements clearly elevate Christ above all created beings but a further clarification needs to be made. If you ever come across the interpretation that the phrase ‘the firstborn over all creation’ (1:15) implies that Jesus Himself is created and is thus less than God the Father, how would you reply? Further note: In many translations, the phrase is rendered as “firstborn of all creation.”

4a.   How did God reconcile all things to Himself?

4b.   What is the purpose of reconciliation?

5.     What makes a person an enemy of God (21)?

6.     What do the words, “if indeed you continue…” teach us (23)?


7.     What is a “minister” (25)?

8.     Who is the reason for the sufferings and the labor of Paul?

9.     What is the goal of the ministry of Paul?

10.   What does Paul mean by the words, “fill up in my flesh what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ” (24)?

11a. What can we learn from Paul’s words about our responsibilities, objectives, and attitudes as servants of Christ?

11b. What is the source of our strength in being a minister of the gospel?


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