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Gentle Replies

            "A gentle reply turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger." (Prov 15:1)

Words reflect our thoughts when we are joyful—the words we speak are more relaxed and optimistic. But sometimes when we are too joyful, we may speak carelessly, leading us into trouble. When we are furious, we may speak resentfully and angrily, or throw big tantrums, which usually result in aggressive words and trouble. Therefore, a gentle tongue is most precious, for it can bring warmth to people, end anger, and resolve disputes with peace.

Emotions can influence our speech. Sometimes because of agitation, we lose control of our tongue and attitude, such that even words of goodness become bitter. So, if the listener can understand the mood which the speaker is in, use gentle words to reply, and even use some humor to lighten up the situation, this will then change the speaker's mood and end the anger.

When the other party gets angry because of our mistakes or misunderstanding, we can use gentle and soft words to reply, explain the situation in detail, and the other party will then understand and feel sorry for what he or she has done. So, in our family, we should teach our children to reply in gentleness, and to have peace and warmth in the house. As parents, we should constantly be aware of our conversations in order to set good examples for our children.