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 (Manna 15)
Lord I Thank You
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A sister sits on a lone hillside and contemplates over God’s great love for her…

Lord, I thank you
Lord, I thank you for creating the earth, the universe so that I might know how great you are.
I thank you for creating all that has life and that which has not so that I might learn of your almightiness.

I thank you especially for having created me so that I could appreciate your beautiful creation,
And that I may try to glorify your Name through my life.

God, merciful God, I will entreat you -

I will entreat you not to let any tears be left on. my face when my heart is broken,
But that you might stretch our your tender hand to wipe them away.

I will entreat you not to let my wounds be left exposed and uncared for,
But that you might pour down your love to heal them.

I will entreat you not to ever let me wander away from you Lord,
Should I fall, may you stretch out your almighty arm to help me stand up again.

God, Righteous God -

There remains one more thing I need to ask of you.

Should I ever sin against you because of my weaknesses, Give me your discipline so that I will not be as a sheep without a shepherd.

And lead me always to walk on your path of righteousness and never depart.

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