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How I Entered the True Fold

How I Entered the True Fold

Hallelujah, in the Name of the Lord Jesus I bear witness.  I am from Sarawak, Malaysia.  Thanks to the Lord's grace and guidance, the Lord enabled me to understand the truth and be baptized in His Name in a short time.

(1) Visits to the True Jesus Church

Although I was a Christian since childhood, I had doubts and never understood the teachings of the Bible.  Even so, I never had the faith and humility to seek the truth, but only aimed for materialistic things and fleshly enjoyment.

In September 1980, 1 came to England for further studies.  In July 1983, a Christian sister introduced the True Jesus Church to me.  I found this name amusing, having never heard of it before, and attended the dedication of the True Jesus Church in London out of curiosity.  Thanks to the Lord's grace and continued guidance that after more visits to the church and deeper study of the Bible, I eventually accepted the teachings of the True Jesus Church.

(2) Baptism

In August 1983, I attended the Youth Spiritual Convocation in Edinburgh with some brothers and sisters from the LondonChurch.  On the first day during my prayer for the Holy Spirit, I suddenly saw two bright rays of light shining at me. My whole body was filled with warmth and I started to speak in an unknown tongue.  I was filled with joy.

I am grateful to the brothers and sisters who prayed for me and assisted in my prayer for the Holy Spirit.  I received the Holy Spirit even before baptism.  After the Youth Spiritual Convocation, I related my experience to the deacons of the EdinburghChurch, who then encouraged me to be baptized.  Although no preparations had been made for baptism at that time, the EdinburghChurch specially arranged 'Or me and sister Serena Chen to be baptized the next day for the remission of our sins.

After my baptism, I felt truly relaxed and happy. When I returned to London, the first thing I did was to write to my parents and tell them of the good news.  Thanks to the Lord, my parents did not object to my baptism.  I had become a member of the True Jesus Church in only a month.  If it had not been for the Lord Jesus' guidance, I could not have understood and accepted the true Gospel on my own.  The Lord's will is so marvelous, and He has helped me to understand His deeds.  I am also grateful to the deacons of the Church and the love of the brothers and sisters.  Their "love God and love man" attitude has touched me deeply.

(3) The Lord Healed My Right Leg

One morning in May 1982, I woke up late and I had to rush to college.  I accidentally slipped and fell down the stairs from the second floor and hurt my right foot.  But because I was already late, I bore the pain and hurried on.  When I arrived, my right leg was still in pain but I ignored it.  Two weeks later, it became painfully swollen and got worse day by day.  Sometimes it hurt so much that I cried and it became so severe that I could not walk.  I went to see a Chinese physician in Chinatown and after an examination, the swelling an'! pain eased substantially.  But three days later, the pain recurred.  The physician attended to it three more times but it did not help.  I was very disappointed.  Although the swelling was gone, the pain remained. Whenever I put on my shoes and walked, the pain was almost unbearable.

The pain persisted until one and a half years later Yemen I attended the London Church's dedication in July 1983.  After listening to the testimonies about brothers and sisters who had been cured by prayers, I started to pray for His healing grace.  Gradually my right leg became better, and after my baptism, the pain was completely gone.  Thanks to the Lord for His mercy in answering my prayers.  It enabled me to know that the love of our Lord is total and complete.

My only hope now is that God will also guide my family and bring them to be baptized in His Name and become His children, thus sharing in the hope of eternal salvation.  I hope that our beloved brethren will pray for me. May all glory and honor be unto His Holy Name.  Amen.

Bro.  Francis Lau

            'Cast all your anxieties on him, for he cares about you' (I Pet 5:7)

We should always rely upon the Lord and pray to Him whenever we are in difficulties. No matter what we encounter, we must kneel down to pray to our Lord to lift away our burden or sorrow.  We must rely totally on the Lord and have faith in Him as lie will surely hear our prayers and take away our sorrow and burden.  Because lie loves and cares for us, lie will answer our prayers.

Sister Ann Lee Leong