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Church Chronicle


12 Sept 83

Three deacons and two brothers from Edinburgh and Elgin Church visited London Church and an evening service was held at 7.00 pm. Deacon Silas Chan and Deacon Joseph Shek each delivered a sermon.

8-15 Nov 83

Deacon Simon Hsu of Edinburgh Church carried out a week of pastoral work in and around the London area.

14 Dec 83  Two brothers from Edinburgh Church and two brothers from Elgin Church visited London Church and an evening service was held at 7.30 pm. Sermons were

delivered by Brother Simon Shek and Brother Daniel Ho respectively.

23 Dec 83

      On the completion of his course in Germany, Deacon Yong-Kwong Hsiao from Taiwan made a brief visit to the UK Churches. He spent the evening of 23 December in London Church and during the evening service, he shared with the members present a moving testimony. From London, he left for the United States and Canada.

24-26 Dec 83

      A 3-day Bible Seminar was held in London Church with an average attendance of 40 members. The studies were based on the Books of Job and The Acts of the Apostles.

27 Dec 83-            

Fourteen brothers and sisters from London Church

3 Jan 84    

paid a visit to the Churches in Scotland.

7 Jan 84    

A Holy Communion Service was held with a total of 53 partakers.

23 Jan 84  

Preacher Chin En Quek and wife, together with deacons and members from Newcastle Church visited London Church and an evening service was held, during which Preacher Chin delivered a sermon entitled "What is your life?"

12 Feb 84 

Seven brothers and sisters of London Church together with Dn. Meishi Tsai visited the Portsmouth Prayer House and attended the prayer meeting, service and Holy Communion.

26 Feb 84 

A day trip to visit the members of Leicester Church was made by nineteen brothers and sisters from London Church, together with Deacon MeishiTsai.

8 Mar 84

John Lo of the United States of America and Dn. Joseph Shek of Edinburgh returned from Nigeria,West Africa on March 1984.  After visiting Edinburgh Church, Sunderland Church and Oxford, they attended a special service in London Church on 8 March 1984.