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 (Living Waters 1980 Volume 2)
Be Gallant in Faith
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To be a beloved child of God, each of us must strive to become a true man in faith.  From 1Kings 2:1-2, we learn that King David, before his death, expected his son Solomon to be strong and manly.  God also expects His children to be truly many in faith, in prayer, in spiritual riches, and in holy work.


In Galatians 2:9, disciple James is mentioned as one of the pillars of the early church.  He was also highly respected as a gallant man of prayer.  In Acts 15:20, an important decision concerning salvation was reached through the prayers of the apostles and elders.  James was among the elders and apostles who understood the will of God and taught the believers to abstain from idol worship, fornication, eating of strangled animals and blood.  Taking the exhortation from James, we must believe in the power of prayer and practice it.  First, we strive in prayer to eliminate our weaknesses, vanities, lusts, and indulgence in idle gossip.  Then, in the self-purifying process, we should be humble and pray daily for our spiritual growth, for the filling of the Holy Spirit, for our fellowman, and for the Church.

Acts 6:3-4 indicates that, nurtured by prayers, church administration and evangelism went side by side in apostolic times.  Prayer is like our right foot and evangelism, our left.  We need both feet to effectively spread the gospel of salvation for His glory.

I have learned that our brethren in Tai-Tung, Eastern Taiwan, made special prayers at 6:30 every morning and held prayer sessions after regular worship hours for the advancement of the church ministry.  In a short time, their church flourished so greatly that another church building was erected for the increased membership.  Hence we know that the key to the development of a church ties in fervent prayers.

James 4:8 enlightens us to draw near to God.  Reciprocally, God will draw near and aid us in every way.  Therefore, we want to be fervent towards the affairs of God and must be gallant in prayer.


Joseph was sold as a slave to Egypt by his own brothers.  Despite all the hardships and temptations in the place of sinful pleasures, in the land of idol worshippers (Gen 39:7-8), he kept himself pure and steadfast in the Lord.  For this reason, the Spirit of God constantly abode with him and helped him become a great man in time of peace and adversity.

Our adversary, Satan, prowls around like a roaring lion seeking souls to devour.  If one is not alert, he may be lured into sin and be caught in the snare of hell.  We must be like Joseph who always kept his mind free from sin and carried out God's commandments in faith.

We need to be watchful at all times and be a truly devout man of God (I Peter 5:8-9).


Most of the Israelites over the age of 20 brought out of Egypt by God did not enter the land of Canaan due to their disobedience to God.  Why then were Caleb and Joshua among those who entered the promised land when both of them were over eighty-five years of age?  Numbers 14:4-5 tells us how Caleb's faith in God prompted him to speak courageously for God before the congregation of rebellious Israelites.  This pleased God and Caleb was thus granted the land of milk and honey (Num 14:24).

As true Christians, we shall learn from Caleb, so that some day we may join Christ in the promised Kingdom of Heaven.


Love can distinguish a child of God from the ungodly.  Before John became the most beloved disciple of Christ, he was so Hi-tempered that he was known as the "Son of Thunder".  After he had responded to the call of Jesus, the love of the Lord inspired him to reveal the central theme - The love of God - in the three books of John.  On the eve of Christ's betrayal, while Peter denied Jesus thrice and Mark fled from Him, John remained close to the Lord even to the cross at Calvary.  John had proven himself as a great man of love and therefore was given the privilege to care for Mary, mother of Jesus, as his own.

From where does a Christian's love come?  In I Timothy 1:5, we learn that love issues from a pure heart, a good conscience, and sincere faith.  Let us then be steadfast in the love of the Lord so that no tribulation nor persecution, not even death can separate us from God (Rom 8:35-39).

An elder in a Taiwan church was truly a man of considerable love.  He contributed generously to God and always was ready to help the poor.  He often encouraged ardent young members to work for the Church.  Once he even donated his blood to the needy despite the fact that he had high blood pressure.  God saw the great love of this elder and blessed him abundantly.

Psalm 92:12-14 states that the righteous flourishes like a palm tree and grow like a cedar of Lebanon.  Planted in the house of the Lord, it will be full of vitality and bring forth fruit even in old age.  From this we know that as we advance in years, it is our duty to bear more fruit in good works so that all of us can present a good account as true men of love to God on the Judgment Day.

Having received Christ Jesus as our Lord, let us all be deeply rooted in faith, bear fruit in the Spirit, and abound in thanksgiving.  May the Holy Spirit guide our thoughts, speech, and deeds so we may become gallant men of faith, and be like Jesus.