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 (Living Waters 1981 Volume 2)
Editor's Preface
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Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me" (Jn 14:6).  To the modern appetite, this remark sounds too subjective; and to the unbelievers, arrogant and arbitrary.  In fact, what Jesus said means nothing but truth.  There is no more than only one way to salvation, and the way is exactly Jesus himself.

However, talking about the only way to salvation, we might be puzzled or confused by the diverse allegations held by different denominations.  Can a person be saved merely by repentance?  Is verbal confession per se enough for consummating the salvation?  What does "being saved" really mean after all?  As Jesus also said that the called are many but the selected are few and that we should strive for entering the narrow gate, we are once more deeply urged to meditate on these vital questions.  "Will Those Who Are Saved Be Few?" serves, though short, as a clue which might lead you into the right track to explore the satisfactory answers.

As a matter of fact, the author of the Book of Jude had noticed those questions mentioned above.  He did not directly answer them one by one, but the urgency he showed "to contend for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints" strikes us as a sonorous bell which further confirms the importance of these questions.  "Contend for the True Faith: The Way to Salvation" not only expounds the Biblical verses with profound spiritual insights, but points out the only way to salvation which, according to the author, is indeed worthy being contended.

Egoism is one prominent facet of human nature.  Unfortunately it is also the prevailing factor which deters us from witnessing the reality.  With more and more people searching for the way to God, "Pure in Heart" reveals this key obstacle and proposes a different attitude for those who are eager to see the Divine Face.

An inspiring little article included in this issue is: "The Spiritual Implications of the Cross." As a universal symbol of Christianity, the cross as an image has implanted in the hearts of millions of people, Christians and gentiles alike, for thousands of years.  A vertical strode plus a horizontal bar connotes rich meanings which have been proclaimed and re-proclaimed throughout all the corners of the world.  Summarizing these meanings, the article again reminds us of our identity as Christians and the responsibilities accompanying this status.  "Keep Your Garments" poses a more serious question which requires all the Christians to ruminate and introspect.  Am I a true believer?  And how is a real Christian supposed to behave?  Is my garment purely white?  When the Day comes, dare I wear it to face our Lord?

The last two articles, however, concentrate on the Book of Daniel.  As chapters of prophecy, the Book contains numerous messages which are mysterious but of paramount importance to us.  Written in an outline form, "The Youth in Babylon" and "The Valiant Warriors of the Faith" explicitly present some crucial themes and explore many spiritual implications.  Moreover, aspects of Christian life related to the important episodes in this Book are also implied, which surely are conducive to our spiritual growth.

All the Testimonies selected in this issue are the true happenings experienced by our church members.  Not for the purpose of exaggerating one's merits, but for the end to testify the fact that there is indeed a righteous and almighty God living with us.  Most important of all, we like to share the joy and thankfulness with you for His mercy and grace.  May all the glory to Him.  Amen!