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 (Showers of Blessing 5)
To The Readers
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Dear Readers

Since the publication of the last issue, Showers of Blessing (SOB) has not greeted its readers for quite a long while.  In spite of the hiccup, with deep apology and feelings, may the SOB, by God's grace, continue to bring you joy and spiritual enrichment regularly.

With our concerted efforts in prayer and contribution in literary writing, it will soon travel nationally and eventually the globe.  It will become one of the TJC magazines that caters for the needs of the English-speaking members and truth seekers - a magazine about the unchanging truth Of salvation; Christian living in the face of adversity, moral deprivation and the ever-changing environment; and the striving together in faith by regular mutual encouragement.

If you have made lip your minds to spread the gospel of salvation -to your friends, relatives, classmates or colleagues - it would be great to pick up some answers to some of the possible doctrinal queries that the SOB has planned to provide in this issue and future issues.

It has been and will continue to be a good spiritual companion to its all - it speaks to us silently of God's word and serves us and others for His glory.

May God bless you!