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 (Showers of Blessing 5)
God Are You There?
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God Are You There ?

I know that you are meant to be here,            

But sometimes I feel that you are not there,            

The bad thing is that I can't see you,                  

And sometimes I don't know what to do,               

When I have problems with a friend,                      

And the friendship is going to end,                    

And when I need someone to talk to,                  

it's really hard to talk to you,                        

So I kneel down to pray,                                 

And say what I I've got to say,                    

But you never seem to reply,

So I sit down with a sigh,

I then talk to my cousin,

And ask if I have committed a sin,

He replies God needs not speak to you,

It is up to him if he wants to,

So all my prayers he will hear,

So I should have no fear,

God is so perfect and loving,

Without him this world would be nothing,

Thank you God for making me,

If it weren't for you I would not be.