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 (Showers of Blessing 5)
Articles Needed for Showers of Blessing
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Issue No. 6

May we extend the invitation to all our brothers and sisters to serve God. The value of serving God in writing is an experience that a non-contributor can never ever think of. However, you are able to experience it, as long as you try. God values the heart to serve Him much more than the writing skills required. 

SOB is now accepting articles for the coming issue. Reflections, doctrinal issues, teachings in the Bible, personal testimonies, stories ... are all welcome.

Please send your literary work to:

The editors

True Jesus Church

57-63 East Road

London N1 6AH


Articles must be typed, between 250-500 words, and based on the NKJV for citation.

Deadline: 15 April. 1998

May God bless you

Tel: 0171-2512633 /  0181-3522363

Fax: 0171-3366351

E-mail: tjc-london@tjc-ukga.ndirect.co.uk