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 (Heavenly Sunlight 7)
Saved From under A Slab of Concrete
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by Xiu-Ying Ho

Hallelujah, in the name of the Lord Jesus I bear testimony.  I would like to testify how my only granddaughter was saved from an accident through the grace of God.  This incident happened last year on May 13th, when my granddaughter, Yong Xing Ho, and my other grandchild were both in the same elementary one class.  On that day, their parents were in Kao Xiung and the two children were playing outside their home.  At about 3:30PM, I heard my other grandchild shouting, "Yong Xing has fallen!" Immediately, I ran out and was met by two of my neighbors who told me, "We could not find any workers to help in the rescue!" It so happened that both the front and side of my house were under construction, where big buildings were being constructed.  Thus it posed a dangerous place.

One of the ladies then went off to look for her husband.  At that time, I began to panic and proceeded to the construction site and shouted for Yong Xing.  "I'm here!" A voice came out from under a concrete slab which was placed five feet above a wall.  The two children were walking above the concrete when they suddenly lost their balance and fell.  Yong Xing, then found herself pressed under a concrete and she exclaimed, "Hallelujah!" and tried to lift the concrete up.  But she could not move it and felt a sharp pain around her waist.  I saw that there were pieces of broken glass and concrete on the ground and I heard a voice saying that Yong Xing might turn into a handicap.

Up till this point, I could only pray to God asking Him to save my only granddaughter and that only He can save my granddaughter.  At that instant, I could hear the footsteps of Mrs. Lee's husband who managed to lift up the concrete with his strong hands.  My granddaughter finally was pulled out from the concrete.  Except for a few bruises on her face, she looked fine.  Thank God!  His powerful hands held onto the concrete.  Not long after, the concrete slipped from Mr. Lee's hands and it fell with a loud thud.  I brought Yong Xing home and we prayed together.  She soon went straight to bed without uttering, a word.  After prayer, I was afraid that she might have suffered internal injuries and so I brought her to a hospital in Tai Nan.  From the medical examination, no serious repercussion was discovered but she had to stay in the hospital for observation.  After I had briefed the doctor on the whole incident, the doctor placed her in critical condition for further examination.  She was given the oxygen mask and intravenous fluid.  At that time, the child felt drowsy and fell asleep. She soon coughed up blood and there were bruises on the left side of her face.

By the second day, the child was awakening.  When asked if she felt any pain, she answered none.  During the accident, she just felt that her face was crooked but she felt no fear at all.  Thank God!  This is certainly the guidance of God.  After six days of stay in the hospital, except for the swelling in her brain, all her other bruises had fully disappeared.  Later, it was discovered that the blood she coughed out was not due to internal injury, but was instead from the bruises.  I thought that everything had gone well and decided that Yong Xing could leave the hospital.  But the doctor insisted that she remain in the hospital since the swelling in her brain was still present.  Should the swelling not disappear, she would have to undergo an operation which would expose her to the risk of infection.

However, despite the fact that after a few days the swelling did not diminish, we still requested the doctor's permission to discharge her.  We wanted to rely solely on Jesus.  We then brought her back to Kao Xiung along with her medication.  That night, the local Shi Tian church helped us to pray.  We spent Sabbath, the next day, in church praying the whole day without Yong Xing taking any medication at all.  Amazingly, the swelling on her brain started to diminish.  By the morrow, the swelling was only the size of a small coin.  From here, we can certainly see that Sabbath day is a day where we can receive blessings.  A week later, upon returning to Tai-Nan, we were told by the doctor that Yong Xing had fully recovered.  She also did not have to undergo any X-rays.

Thank the Lord for His wonderful and amazing grace.  No other cure can be as quick as the Lord's.  We also thank the Tai-Nan, Kai-Yuan and Shi-Juan church members for their love in their unceasing prayers and also for their constant visits.  Their continuous prayers were finally heard by God who made a little sheep well.  This also glorifies God's name and it also reveals the mighty works of God to the Gentiles.  Some people even commended that, "Had we not seen it with our own eyes, we would not have believed that your granddaughter was one pressed by a concrete.  Ordinarily, even if she had not died, she would have suffered a major handicap.  Perhaps this is due to your sincere worship of your God so much so that Jesus Christ has protected your granddaughter".  This is just as Psalms 34:7 says, "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, and rescues them."  May all the glory be given to God!  Amen.