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 (Showers of Blessing 6)
Church Chronicle
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13 May - 21 Dec 85

13-15 May     

14 members and a friend from LondonChurch attended the Elgin Church Dedication and Spiritual Convocation.

17 May 

Enroute to Continental Europe with his wife, Dn. John Lo conducted special evening services in LondonChurch.

18-19 May     

Pr. En Quek Chin was in London conducting the Sabbath and Sunday services.

12 May 

A special evening service on "Personal Evangelism" was given by Dn.  John Lo on his return journey from the Continent.Let us equip ourselves with the full knowledge of Christ and spread the gospel to the end of the world.

14-18 June    

Dn. Simon Hsu conducted special evening services and carried out pastoral work in the London area.

25-26 June    

10 members from EdinburghChurch paid their regular pastoral visit to London.  Special evening services were held.

28-30 June    

Pr. En Quek Chin came to London to help with the pastoral work.

29 June

A Holy Communion service was conducted by Dn. Simon Hsu.  There were 57 partakers.

18 Aug  

The special evening prayer for the coming evangelical services started on this day.  Distribution of gospel tracts began on the following day.

            "The time to reap has come, for the harvest of the earth is ripe" (Rev 14:15).

23 Aug  

A special evening service was conducted by Pr. En Quek Chin.  Dn.  Andrew Pang and wife from Sabah were also present.

24, 26 Aug     

A 2-day Bible Seminar on the book of Judges (chap. 1 to 8) was conducted by Pr. E. Q. Chin.

28 Aug  

Dn. Meishi Tsai arrived from Heidelberg West Germany.  Special evening services were held.  Pr. En Quek Chin, his wife and bro.  See Yu Chan (Edinburgh) and his family were present.

30 Aug - 1 Sept

A 3-day Bible Seminars on "Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul and the Law" was conducted by Dn. Meishi Tsai.

11-14 Sept    

Evangelical services were held daily from 7:30 p.m.

12-15 Sept    

A Spiritual Convocation in the form of worship sessions and bible study (the book of James) was conducted by Pr. Derren Liang (USA) and Dn.  Joseph Shek (Edinburgh).  On 115 Sept, Sis. Joyce Smith, Sis. Siu Lan Shek, Sis. Lisa Kwok and Bro. Chai Hung Kwok were baptized into Christ.  This was followed by the sacraments of Foot-washing and Holy Communion.  There were 84 partakers. May the Lord guide His sheep and help them to reach maturity, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.

10-14 Oct      

Pr. En Quek Chin was in London to carry out pastoral work in the area.  During his stay, special evening services and a 2-day Bible Study on the book of Jonah were held.

14 Oct  

The 6th Preachers' Fund Meeting was held in LondonChurch.  Representatives came from all the TrueJesusChurches and Prayer Houses of England.

9 Dec    

13 brethren from SunderlandChurch visited the members of LondonChurch and they studied the words of God together.

21 Dec  

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, 7 new members were elected to serve the Church.  The Annual General Members' Meeting also elected 2 auditors.

We pray that the Lord will bless them and their work; that they may be His faithful and diligent servants.