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 (Living Waters 1986 Spring)
The Tenth National Church Conference
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Alice McVay

The Tenth Annual National Church Conference of the U.S.A. was held November 28-30, 1985, at the True Jesus Church in Garden Grove, California.

Those attending were Paul Wang from Chicago Prayer House; Andrew Chu from Dallas Prayer House; Paul Wong from Houston; Keui-Chan Chang, John Yeh, Luke Loh, Lowan Wang from New York District; Jessie Chu-Kuang Lee, Kenneth Tar-Ming Lin, John Lin from Northern California; John Kim, Zion Lin, James Wu, Faith Yiu from El Monte; Nai-Hsin Chen, San-Pao Li, Jeffrey Lin, Michael Yang from Garden Grove; John Lo, Shyh-Kuang Yang from E.C.C.

Several observers attended - D.H. Jung, Simon Hsu, Derren Liang from the International Assembly; Roxane Lee and Audrey Niau from Hawaii; Huang-Mao Yang, Wen-Tung Yang from Garden Grove.

Pastor John Lo and Deacon John Lin were elected Chairman and Vice Chairman.  Deacon Simon Hsu and Sister Alice McVay were appointed Recorders.

Following are some of the resolutions in brief:

1.       Pastor Derren Liang is to become a full-time Minister for E.C.C. effective January 1, 1986.

2.       Preacher Yung-Chi Lin, Taiwan General Assembly, will be in the U.S.A. from July 1, 1986.

3.       Individual Evangelizing Training Programs in each local church to be sponsored by E.C.C.

4.       Develop guidelines to enhance the atmosphere of reverence and solemnity during services conducted in the chapels of the churches.

5.       Local church boards and/or full-time ministers, at their discretion, may officiate at funeral services for a deceased, who is not a True Jesus Church member, utilizing these opportunities for preaching the Gospel.  Funeral services must be performed according to our church practice.

6.       Full-time Ministers of the True Jesus Church are to be addressed as "Pastor" in English, "Ch'uan Tao" in Chinese.

7.       EleventhAnnualNationalChurch Conference will be held in the True Jesus Church, Elizabeth, New Jersey.

8.       The total E.C.C. budget for 1986 is $99,675.

9.       The name "New YorkDistrictChurch" will no longer be used.  New YorkDistrictChurch will be called True Jesus Church, Elizabeth, New Jersey.  A new True Jesus Church in Queens, New York has been established.

10.   The following English versions of the Bible were adopted as standard/approved versions: For Church Sermons and Publications-New King James Version or Revised Standard Version.  For Bible Study-The Interlinear (contains Hebrew-English and Greek-English), King James Version or New King James Version or Revised Standard Version.

For other purposes-New International Version.

11.   A Religious Education Textbook Committee was organized.

12.   A list of 100 most-quoted, practical and useful verses are to be compiled and printed for use as a handy tool for individual evangelism.

13.   The year 1986 was declared and is to be recognized as the Year of Prayer.

14.   Detailed job descriptions of each department of local church boards are to be developed.

15.   The name of the "Evangelism-Coordination Council of the True Jesus Church in the U.S.A." is to be changed to "General Assembly of the True Jesus Church in the U.S.A." effective January 1, 1986.

At the Sabbath Service of November 30, the Delegates attended Church services in the two Churches of Southern California and shared wonderful testimonies which brought great encouragement and edification to the members.  The Executive Board meeting of General Assembly was held in the morning of December 1. The Conference went smoothly under the guidance and the blessing of God from the beginning to the end.  All the participants, out of love toward the Church, were of one mind in discussing issues pertaining to the Holy Work.  The youths and members of the church in Garden Grove demonstrated their love to God and man by providing hospitality --preparation of name tags, meals, snacks and drinks served during the Conference, transportation, accommodations, and maintenance of a quiet atmosphere during the Conference.  The bright future of the True Jesus Church was unmistakably witnessed during this event.  May all the glory be unto God.