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 (Living Waters 1986 Winter)
Church News
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El MonteChurch in California

1.       June 30 - July 6

Youth Spiritual Convocation, Evangelical Services and General Spiritual Convocation.  The workers were Elders John Yang and S. T. Hsieh, Pastors Derren Liang and John Lo.  Approximately 25 youths attended the Youth Spiritual Convocation.  The topics of the classes were: The Lord Controls the World, The Example of the Four Youths, the Church is the Body of Christ, The Book of I John, and Love Ourselves.

Thanks to our Lord, four were baptized, one received the Holy Spirit, and two saw visions (precious blood, glorious lights). 149 partook of Holy Communion, and the thanksgiving offering was $7,193.

2.       Marriage Ceremonies

April 4

Brother David Wang and Sister Lucy Meng were married in the Chapel.  Thanks to our Lord for His wonderful arrangement, and may the Lord bless them and guide them always.

October 19

The daughter of Deacon John Kim, Hyangsil, was married to Mr. Michael Yim.  May the Lord guide them.

3.       August 10

Sister Rita Chao's mother, Chin H. Hsieh, passed away.  A memorial service was held by the Church.  May the Lord comfort the family.

4.       September 20

Sister C. K. Huang was called home by the Lord.  May God comfort the family.

Garden GroveChurch in California

1.       March 6

Brother Pi-Fei Tong was called home by the Lord.  A memorial service was held in the Chapel.  Before his death, he saw a vision of an angel who washed him and anointed him with oil.  This brought great comfort to his relatives and family.

2.       June 9 - 19

WHEC Lay Minister Seminar.  The instructors included Elders John Yang and S.T. Hsieh, Pastors Derren Liang and John Lo.  Thank God there were about 25 attended.  Among them were 11 from United Kingdom, 2 from France and the rest from New York, Houston, Dallas, Pacifica.

The topics were: The Gospel of Mark, Revelation, The Receiver and the Giver, Questions and Answers to Some Difficult Bible Doctrines, The Books of Hebrew, I and II Timothy, The Precious Vessels, Bible Study and Reading, How to Deliver Sermons, Church and World Evangelism.  The Youth Workers' Seminar of General Assembly was held from the 9th to 19th.  About 25 youths from United Kingdom, Singapore, Pacifica, TexasWisconsin, and other countries attended.

The main topics discussed were: Genesis, The History of the TrueChurch and Her Direction for the Future, I and II Timothy, Precious Vessels, Questions and Answers to Some Difficult Bible Doctrines, Bible Study and Reading, The Mission of the TrueChurch in the Last Days.

3.       June 17 - 22

Youth Spiritual Convocation, Evangelical and General Spiritual Convocations were held on the above dates.  The instructors were Elders John Yang and S. T. Hsieh, Pastors Derren Liang and John Lo, Deacons H.T. Yang and Simon Hsu.  More than 40 attended the Youth Spiritual Convocation, which was divided into two classes.

The main teachings were: The Book of Daniel, The Relationship Between Children and Parents, The Commandments That Bring Promised Blessings, Teachings of the Characters in the Bible, Striving Towards Maturity, The Four Great Events On the Day of Jesus' Second Coming.

Thanks and praise to the Lord, 18 were baptized, 7 received Holy Spirit, and 9 experienced visions (the glory lights, precious blood of Jesus, the Cross, and angels). 251 partook of Holy Communion.  Thanksgiving offering was US$14,000, 850 British pounds, and a golden ring.

4.       Brother Hung-Mao Yang was ordained as Deacon Hung-Tao Yang.  May the Lord give him wisdom and power to serve His church.

5.       June28-29

A meeting of the Executive Committee members of General Assembly was held.  Elder John Yang was the Chairman.  The attendants were Elders C.K. Hsieh and S.T. Hsieh, Deacons John Lin, Meishi Tsai and Paul Wong, and Pastor John Lo.

6.       August 18 - 24

Elder S. S. Lin and his wife came from Chicago to visit us and help with the Holy work. They returned to Taiwan, via Japan.

7.       September 5

The Social Youth Class was established.  Those between the age of 23 and 40 are invited to attend.  Worship schedule is 7:30 to 9:30PM every Friday.  The service is divided into a Bible Study session and a fellowship period.

8.       October 18

A Brothers' Fellowship was established, and five board members were elected.

PacificaChurch in California

1.       We are thankful that General Assembly was able to send Pastor Derren Liang to render occasional help at the Church in the Pacifica area.  Pastor Liang visited us four times: Jan 1 - 19, Feb 28 - Mar 16, May 2 - 18, and Aug 15 -31.

2.       March 30

A wedding ceremony was held in the Pacifica Chapel for sister Angela Yen of Dallas, Texas and brother Kenneth Lin of San Francisco.  May the Lord bless the newlyweds abundantly.

3.       May 31

A general election was held for the new church board members of next term.  The results were as follows:

Religious Affairs:           Dn.  John Lin and Bro. James Lin

General Affairs:            Bro.  Eddy Cheng and Bro. Tak-Heng Ng

Financial Affairs:           Sis.  Angela Lin and Sis. Jessie Lee

Auditors:                       Bro.  Kenneth Fang and Sis. Cha Lei

4.       June 23

Eleven deacons and brothers from England, a brother from France and a brother from Texas visited us after participating in the Lay Ministers' Seminar sponsored by Western HemisphereEvangelicalCenter in Garden Grove, California.  We were delighted to meet our brothers in Christ and rejoiced over their visit.

5.       July 2

Elder John Yang, Chairman of the International Assembly of our Church, and his wife paid a three-day visit.  A special service was held in San Jose.

6.       July 11

After completing the sacred work in Southern California, Elder Shun-Tao Hsieh stopped over in Pacifica for two days.  He then proceeded to Dallas, Texas to continue with the Holy Work.

7.       July 13

Deacon Liang-Pu Ku resigned his full-time preaching position in Taiwan to immigrate to the United States and be reunited with his family who have been residing here for two years.  Thanks to the Lord for adding to us a faithful worker.

8.       August 25 - 28

About 15 to 20 Youths participated in the Youth Spiritual Nurture program held at the Church.  The workers included Elder Shun-Tao Hsieh, Pastor Derren Liang, and Deacon John Lin.  From Aug. 27, Evangelical services were held for four consecutive nights.

9.       August 29 - 31

A three-day Spiritual Convocation was held. 7 were baptized, 3 received the Holy Spirit, 112 partook of Holy Communion.  Offerings was $5,067. May all the glory be to the Lord Jesus Christ.

TorontoChurch in Canada

1.       May 16 - 19

The Evangelical and Spiritual Convocation was held and attended by approximately 50 members and friends.  The Youth Choir, Children's Choir and Church members glorified God by singing hymns to His praise.  One received the Holy Spirit and many gave testimonies to glorify God.  The Thanksgiving offering was $4,116.80.

2.       May 20

Sister L. Y. Wong was healed of a sprained back after she demonstrated her faith to God by attending the Evangelical and Spiritual Convocation.  The pain had previously kept her from attending Church for three weeks.

3.       September 3 - 5

A three-day Christian Spiritual Development Seminar was held by Elder S.T. Hsieh.  We are grateful to him for the guidance and help given.

4.       September 5 - 7

The Evangelical and Spiritual Convocation began the evening of September 5. The key speaker during the entire Spiritual Convocation was Elder S.T. Hsieh.  Two persons were baptized - Sister Ho Lee and Sister Sue-Anne Sutherland.  One person sang a spiritual song and many others testified to glorify God.  We thank God for His grace.  Offerings amount to $2,246.

5.       September 7

The marriage of Brother Tom Rimmer and Sister Judy Hwang was solemnized by Deacon H.M. Huang, grandfather of the bride.  May the Lord bless and guide them.

HonoluluChurch in Hawaii

1.       June 8 - 14

A General Spiritual Convocation and the Tenth Youth Spiritual Convocation was held.  Deacon Paul Yang and John Ho from Malaysia came to help with the Holy work.  Thanksgiving offering amounted to $1,255.

2.       April 19

The wedding of Brother Barry Niau and Sister Pihanui Makalena was solemnized at the HonoluluChurch.  May the Lord bless and guide them.

Chicago Prayer House in Illinois

1.       March - August

Elder and Mrs. S.S. Lin, from the True Jesus Church Seminary in Taiwan, came to visit their son Terry, and assisted in pasturing the congregation.

2.       August 8 - 18

Elder S.T. Hsieh was sent by General Assembly to help with the Spiritual Convocation.  Six Truth seekers attended the services.  Sixteen partook of Holy Communion.  One infant (James Isaac, son of Sarah and Terry Lin) was baptized.  The thanksgiving offering amounted to $1,870.

Elizabeth Church in New Jersey

1.       March 28 - 30

The Spring Youth Spiritual Convocation was held.  The instructors were Elder C.K. Hsieh, Deacon Meishi Tsai, Pastor S.K. Yang and Brother Percy Tsai. 25 attended the Convocation.  One received the Holy Spirit and one saw visions.

2.       April 20

A Spiritual Cultivation Meeting was held by the sisters.  Subjects included communicating with one another and prayer.  Discussion included how to be a modern woman within the confines of the Lord, how to communicate with husband, and how to communicate with your in-laws.

3.       May 4- 11

The Spring General Spiritual Convocation was held.  The workers included Elder John Yang, Pastors John Lo and S.K. Yang.  Evangelical Services were held in Princeton, Oceanside Area, and in the Chapel. 152 partook of Holy Communion, three received the Holy Spirit, seven were baptized and one saw visions during the Spiritual Convocation.  The thanksgiving offering was $3,849.

4.       August 18 - 24

A Youth Spiritual Convocation, Evangelical and Spiritual Convocation were held.  The workers included Elders C.K. Hsieh and S.T. Hsieh, Deacon Paul Wong and Pastor S.K. Yang.

During the Youth Spiritual Convocation, a total of 27 attended.  Two classes were held. 15 attended the Youth Working Committee Seminar.

7 were baptized, 7 receiving the Holy Spirit, and one saw visions. 108 partook of Holy Communion.  Thanksgiving offering was $1,575.

QueensChurch in New York

1.       Praise the Lord!  A two-story church building in Queens was purchased on May 28.  The first floor consists of a Chapel with a seating capacity of 150 people, bathroom, minister's office and classrooms.  The second floor has three bedrooms , a bathroom and a kitchen.  There is a large backyard which is currently used as a lunch area during our fellowship meals.  We are hopeful that, with the guidance of our Lord, future building expansion can be developed in this area.

2.       Although our Church is new, God has manifested His love abundantly in our midst.  The Lord has directed many Truth seekers of different races and cultures to attend our services and Bible studies.  Several members have experienced grace from our Lord.  During one of our regularly scheduled services, three persons received the Holy Spirit.  Some others have experienced a spiritual transformation in their lives.

3.       We have a membership of sixty, many of us are newly baptized.  Although we are short on manpower and finances, we have complete reliance on the wonderful provision of our God, Jehovah-jireh!  From renovation, furnishing, to printing of tracts, God has moved 'some brothers and sisters to contribute their time and money so that these tasks can be accomplished in an expedient, economical and efficient manner.

4.       August 13 - 17

For the first time, a series of Evangelical Services, a Seminar and a Spiritual Convocation took place in the QueensChurch, The high point was the Church dedication ceremony. 6 were baptized, 2 received the Holy Spirit and 11 saw visions.  The visions included the glorious light of God; the precious blood of Jesus in the baptismal site.

200 people attended the Church dedication ceremony. 108 members partook of Holy Communion.  Thanksgiving offering was about $8,000.  Hallelujah!  May all the glory be given to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Dallas Prayer House in Texas

1.       July 14 - 20

The Youth Spiritual Convocation and General Spiritual Convocation was held.  The General Assembly arranged for Elder S.T. Hsieh and Pastor John Lo to help with the Divine work.  More than 30 attended and one received the Holy Spirit.  The Thanksgiving offering amounted to $2,250.

2.       August 15 - 19

A summer camp was held in Lake Texoma, Oklahoma.  Forty people attended of whom more than half were Truth seekers.  Deacon K.L. Ku was sent by General Assembly to help with the divine work.

3.       Since the beginning of summer vacation, Deacon Paul Wong has come twice a month to lead services.

HoustonChurch in Texas

1.       Since the beginning of the year, three families from our Church have moved away.  As a result, 28 members are left.  We pray that the Lord will guide us and prosper our Church.

2.       June4

The following Church board members were elected:

Religious Affairs - Deacon Paul Wong

General Affairs - Sister L.Y. Chang

Financial Affairs - Deacon Isaac Lee, Sister Nancy Wang

3.       July 25 - August 3

Elder S.T. Hsieh was sent by General Assembly to the University, LafayetteHarbor and Houston to conduct a series of Bible studies and Spiritual Evangelical meetings. 18 people attended the University services including three Truth seekers. 25 people attended the services at LafayetteHarbor. 41 attended the Spiritual Convocation in Houston.  Thanksgiving offering amounted to $958.

General Assembly, U.S.A.

1.       March 4 - May 2

Deacon Joseph Shek and Pastor John Lo were sent by Western HemisphereEvangelicalCenter to Liberia, Ghana and Nigeria in West Africa for pasturing and evangelical work.  The entire trip was successfully accomplished under the guidance of the Lord. (For further details, please refer to the article "Testimonies of the Missionary Trip in West Africa" in this issue.)

2.       August 2 - September 30

Deacon John Chin and Pastor John Lo were sent by the International Assembly to Taiwan, Philippines, Sabah, Singapore, Australia, West Malaysia and India for pastoring and visiting.  The entire trip was successfully accomplished under the guidance of the Lord. (For further details, please refer to the article "A Summary of the Visit to the Churches in Asia and Australia" in this issue.)

3.       September 14 - October 29

Pastors Derren Liang and S.K. Yang were sent by Western HemisphereEvangelicalCenter to Nigeria, Ghana and Liberia in West Africa for pasturing and evangelizing.  The trip was successfully accomplished under the guidance of the Lord, 91 were baptized, 58 received the Holy Spirit, 107 saw visions and 11 were healed by the Lord.  May all the glory be unto our Lord.  Please pray for our Churches everywhere.