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 (Showers of Blessing 6B)
True Jesus Church In Gifford Park
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Th first prayer house in Edinburgh was established in 1976.  The building in GiffordPark was the first church premises.  After eighteen long years, the members' faith grew stronger.  The increase in membership proved it was necessary to purchase a larger building to accommodate the members for services, religious education and church activities.

In 1992, the entire congregation in Edinburgh moved to the new premises, with a seating capacity of 300 people, at 15A

East Fettes Avenue
.  The new building originally belonged to the Church of Scotland.

On 4 September 1994, the building in GiffordPark was officially re-opened to house services, religious education and fellowships for one third of the members in Edinburgh.  The rest of the members went to the new church.  This decision of branching out was to provide greater involvement and participation of divine work to members, and to speed up the work of evangelism.

Since 1994, the membership has increased to 194.  The church conducts many evangelistic services.  Examples include monthly evangelistic services and hymnal evangelistic meetings.

The church organizes various fellowships to enhance the members' faith of all age groups.  The GiffordPark and Edinburgh Youth Fellowships are held on every Monday and Wednesday.  Aside, the Caleb and Ruth Fellowships are also held regularly to edify the youths and the sisters respectively.

The church provides weekly services on every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.  Chinese classes for the children and religious education classes are also run on every Sunday.  There are about 150 members who attend the weekly Sabbath service.

There are 7 Church Board Members in total.  Each is assigned to be responsible for a specific task.  Let us pray that the church in GiffordPark can grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.  May all glory be given to our Lord.  Amen!