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 (Manna 3)
May God Use Him
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The Aspiration Of A Theology Student’s Wife

The Lord has blessed me with His abundant grace and I thank Him in my every prayer. I am moved by the Holy Spirit to share with you this experience of mine.

Before my marriage, I had a burning desire to be a student of the TheologicalCollege of the True Jesus Church with the hope that one day I may be sent by the Lord to all parts of the world to preach the gospel; to live everyday for Christ and to leave all the worldly cares behind. How wonderful it would be to live for the Lord only!

God demands my whole self but wretched as I am, I still crave for material things. God did not want a half-hearted worker. Anyway I convinced myself that I can work for the Lord without being a full-time evangelist.

Eventually my faith began to wane and I no longer had the desire to dedicate my whole life to Him. But God in all His greatness had a better plan for me. Strangely, instead of I going to the TheologicalCollege, He called my husband to be His worker.

After one and a half years of marriage, when my daughter, Hsiao-En was only seven months old, my husband heard the call of God. He realized at that moment that he must leave everything behind and whole heartedly work for the Lord: to tend His flock.

Our problems then were our parents, who were unbelievers, our little daughter and our financial standing. But God was calling. Could we ignore His call?

After praying day and night unceasingly, the Holy Spirit not only moved my husband to surrender himself to the Lord, I too felt that there was a strong force stirring me also.

I knew that all things belong to God and I should not doubt His calling. In fact we were so thankful that He had chosen my husband to be His servant. Abraham through faith offered his only son to God willingly. Our heavenly Father also gave His only begotten Son to die for the world. Are they not good examples for us to follow?

If I do not allow the one I love to serve the Lord how could I claim that I love God? Paul regarded all things as refuse for God’s sake. How blessed am I to have Hsiao-En with me!

God will surely not burden me unnecessarily. He only wants to refine me as pure gold. I therefore accepted what God had planned for me with joy.

I was greatly comforted during my prayers. Though there may be obstacles in our way, we strongly believe that God would open up a way for us. We ought to be courageous enough to step into the ‘River Jordan’ and then the dry land would instantly appear. Then the Lord would lead us to the dry shore. Thanks to the Lord, my husband was accepted into the College.

When the news came to our parents, they objected strongly and used all sorts of ways to dissuade my husband from entering the College. But we faced this opposition bravely. We know whom we have believed and trust that He will keep us unto the Last Day.

The College had started its term but my husband’s resignation from his teaching post has not yet been approved. A month later the school authorities informed him that they would not accept his resignation but instead they suspended him. That was a shock to me. I was angry but he was surprisingly calm. He even comforted me saying, “While we are treading on the path of heaven, we should not be concerned with vainglory, social status, money and worldly gains”.

I was moved by those words.

The difficult days passed swiftly, we were never in want. Though our family income reduced considerably after he had left his teaching career, our days passed without a hitch. He was able to concentrate on his studies. We considered ourselves blessed.

In retrospection, I find that God has a plan for everyone. Humans have their weaknesses and I am no exception. I often fell into the devious traps of Satan whenever I was alone and when I faced my relatives who are unbelievers.

Now, when I encounter such situations, I’ve learned to put my trust in God and seek His guidance.

Furthermore, I was greatly encouraged by my husband and also the many church members who were so thoughtful. I was thus able to overcome many difficulties and win many spiritual battles. This helped to strengthen my faith.

We are grateful to God for His protection and loving care. One semester has passed smoothly. I pray that my husband be endowed with wisdom, courage and faith to be a good soldier of Christ. To give him endurance when he is tried and refined as pure gold. To make him a useful vessel like the saints of old.

May God use him.



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