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 (Showers of Blessing 6B)
To The Readers issue 7
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ALLELUJAH!  We are inclined to think of the great biblical characters, such as Abraham, Moses, Elijah ... in the light of God's exclusive care and endowment of special gifts for them.  They accomplished great divine works, when God worked with them.

For example, Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and yet God hearkened to his prayers (Jas 5:16ff).  This was the result of Elijah's faith, with God's timing to achieve what He intended (cf Heb 2:4).  If he was like us, he inevitably must have erred in his life.  This is evident from the biblical historical records.  However, he was faithful in God's word and repentant before Him.

This issue of Showers of Blessing (SOB) alms to enhance the faith of its readers.  We, therefore, believe it is time to chronicle some of the important issues on our Christian faith such as the will of God, the faith of the ancient saints, the profundity of the Foot-washing Sacrament and the relevance of imparting the truth to others.  To this end, we have translated and adapted a few articles from two elders and other writers.

We also have invited others to pen articles of their interests, whether about their conversion or their respective disciplines.  These contributors have made this issue of SOB more varied and interesting, and have dropped hints on how our faith can be anchored in Christ by conforming our beliefs to the Bible and the Bible alone.

As the turn of the next century approaches, our journey of faith must be one of constant renewal by the Holy Spirit in our minds, hearts and deeds, to face the even tougher challenges ahead.  May God Bless you!