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The Gracious Lord and the Chosen People
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13: The Gracious Lord and the Chosen People (1Pet 2:1-10)

The Basics


In the first chapter of the epistle, Peter calls the believers’ attention to the great salvation they have received and exhorts them to conduct themselves in a manner that is worthy of God’s grace. In this passage, which is a key passage in the epistle, we will learn of the special relationship that God has with the believers through Jesus Christ. Knowing how precious Christ is and how nobel our identity is motivates us to a new life and continual spiritual growth.

Key Verse

“But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light” (2:9).

Did You Know

1.     Chief Cornerstone (2:6): “The cornerstone, which determined the design and orientation of the building, was the most significant stone in the structure.” 4/1890 “At great cost and care the corner foundation stone was obtained, moved, and laid. Hillyer mentions one stone in a quarry that was sixty-nine feet by twelve feet by thirteen feet (“‘Rock-Sone’ Imagery,” p. 66, n.34)” 2/230






Key Words/Phrases

Segment Analysis


1.      How does this paragraph relate to the previous passage (1:13-25)?

2.      How does God’s word make us grow? What are the signs of spiritual growth?

3.      When was the last time you had the desire and hunger for the word of God and grew as a result of feeding on God’s word?

4.      What does it mean to have tasted that the Lord is gracious?

5.      How is this relevant to the desire for the milk of the word?


6.      What kind of stone is meant when Peter calls Christ the living stone in verse 4?

7.      How do we, the living stones, relate to Christ, the living stone?

8.      How are we “being built up” (5)?

9.      How does the analogy of the spiritual house and holy priesthood aptly describe believers? What is the purpose of the spiritual house and holy priesthood?

10.  What does this purpose teach us about how to conduct our lives?

11.  What are the two kinds of responses to God’s chosen and precious stone?

12.  What are the results of these responses?


13.  What thought is behind the words “chosen,” “royal,” “holy,” “special”?

14.  In what ways are Christians royal priests? What kind of sacrifices should we offer up to God (5)?

15.  How should believers live as citizens of a holy nation?

16.  We are God’s own special people. In what ways has God demonstrated to you that you are special?

17.  How does it help you in your daily walk to know that you are special to God?

18.  According to Peter, what is the purpose of God’s calling?

19.  How does verse 10 sum up and reinforce the teachings of the passage?


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