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If God loves the world and wants to save us, why did God have to come as Jesus?

We may have wondered if God could have used a different means to save the world. After all, if He’s God, couldn’t He have just snapped his fingers or spoken a few words to save us? However, the Bible tells us we are separated from God because of sin. The first man, Adam, was the father of humankind in a physical sense. For Adam and Eve are the first parents of humankind. All humankind came forth from Adam and Eve. After Adam’s sin, we have been cut off from God. Jesus came to reconcile us to God, i.e., He came as a mediator (1 Tim 2:5; 1 Jn 2:1; Rom 5:10) to lead us to God (1 Pet 3:18) and become his children (Mt 18:3). Second-guessing God’s plan is foolish since there is no end to second-guessing what could have been. We could second-guess forever if we really wanted to, but that would be unproductive. In the same fashion, it is useless to ask: what if God created us with three eyes, four eyes, five eyes, etc. We could go on forever. God’s plan is God’s plan, that is all we really need to know. Just know the truth, we don’t need to hypothesize too much on what could have been the truth. We say this not to discourage seeking after the truth (e.g., doing scientific research). But if we’ve found the truth, why continue to ask further questions? If we know 2 plus 2 equals 4, why ask, “What if 2 plus 3 equaled 4?” As we said, God’s ways are far beyond us and we, as humans, can never really fully understand the full essence of God’s purpose.

Publisher: True Jesus Church