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Search, Examine and Turn

Search, Examine and Turn

            Let us search out and examine our ways,
And turn back to the Lord. (Lam 3:40)


This is a word filled with action. When we search for something we do not sit still and wait for it to come to us. To search out our ways, we need to think, find and discover what activities and thoughts predominate in our lives. What do we lack in our spiritual life? What do we put above our family, church and God? As with getting rid of a virus on a computer, we need to identify the virus first. In order to change our bad ways, we need to find what the flaws are in our ways, whether it be our habits, hobbies or even our companions.


To examine is to go beyond looking at things on the surface. After searching out what is wrong with our walk with God, we need to go further and find out the causes; examine what makes your life unfulfilling, or your prayers empty. What is it about your hobbies that strains your relationship with God and church? Getting rid of a problem requires you to know what it is, and understand where it’s coming from. To get rid of a virus, you need to figure out how it works. It may not be easy but looking ourselves fully in the heart, realizing our hidden faults, bad habits and misplaced priorities is a step back towards God.

Turn Back

Don’t just look back. Turn back to God. Do it—make a one-eighty-degree pivot and face the other direction. Meandering around the starting point won’t get you to your destination. Turn and plan our steps back towards God. When you have found the virus and figured out how to get rid of it, you don’t just leave it. You isolate it, delete what’s infected, or reformat your hard-drive. Re-centering your life around God requires active steps. Step by step, you do what is needed to make the change so you can return to God. Remove your bad habits, seek out spiritual companions, fix your relationships or remove what is keeping you from a God-filled life.


            Question for Reflection:

When was the last time you searched yourself and examined your life?