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Run The Opposite Way

Run The

Opposite Way

            “They think it strange that you do not run with them in the same flood of dissipation.”  
(1 Pet 4:4)

One day at track practice, a friend and I decided to give our warm up laps a twist. Instead of running the usual direction around the track, we jogged in the opposite direction. Immediately, we became two conspicuous figures, running in the outermost lanes, while our team ran by us as a pack in the inner lanes. It feels a little odd, even lonely.

Similarly, as true Christians, we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the world by taking a path different than the one most people are on. Yet, day by day, we face temptations to go with the flow and trends of the societies we live in. Following those paths might make us feel a sense of solidarity with the rest of the world but that often means giving up time for God and godly friends. Continue on, and you’ll notice that God is not at the end.

During His time on earth, Jesus Christ walked not with the world. He preached a gospel jarring to the ears of many living in His time. In His actions, He kindly dined with the despised tax collectors, gave the sick ones a healing touch, and showed sinners the hope of redemption. To the unloved, He showed love, to the unrighteous, He showed righteousness, and to a world of darkness, He became their light of life.

To be a Christian and follow the examples Jesus has shown is to go the opposite way of all the unbiblical ways in this world. Take time and examine your current course in life. Ask yourself, “What direction am I headed toward? At the end of my road, do I see Jesus waiting for me with open arms in a heavenly field of everlasting peace?”

To revert our direction back to our Lord Jesus, we must learn to stand out and go the way Jesus has pointed out. This way may be lonely as it conflicts with the ways of others, but in the end what matters most is that we will complete the journey to reach our Heavenly Home.


            Questions for Reflection:

What are some unbiblical ways of the world that you’re currently being tempted by? What active steps are you going to take to run against those tides?

Author: Jing Ye