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 (Manna 59: Technology and Entertainment)
Technology and Entertainment
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Technology and Entertainment

Invention and advancement have always been a part of human life. And ever since electricity became a standard household feature, technology has been a fact of life, even for areas of the world that do not have reliable sources of electricity.

Not only do we use technology in our personal lives, but it is practically impossible to be a student or employee without it. There is nothing inherently bad about technology; the problem is when our use of it starts to conflict with our faith.

The theme articles take a closer look at the effect technology and entertainment have on our life of faith. We need to realize how romantic entertainment media sends us the wrong message about love, and what we can do to turn our focus back to God. We also need to remember to worship Him without being overly reliant on technology. May God guide us when we seek Him with a pure heart.

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