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Don't Christians worship on Sunday to honor the first day of the week, the day Christ resurrected?

  • Nowhere in the Bible does it record that Jesus Christ replaced the seventh-day Sabbath with the first day of the week as a day of worship. Jesus did not instruct the disciples to worship on the first day of the week instead of the Sabbath.
  • We keep the Sabbath as a reminder of how God has delivered us from sin (Eze 20:12). It also signifies our future eternal rest (Heb 4:9-11).
  • Some commentators conjecture that the mention of the Lord’s Day (Rev 1:10) refers to the observance of Christ’s resurrection on the first day of the week. Neither John nor any other New Testament writer confirms this; nor does the Bible command worship on the first day of the week.
  • We cannot interpret the Bible based on what a certain event signifies, especially when the interpretation contradicts the commandment of God.

Publisher: True Jesus Church